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Delhi Autowalas – Facts About Delhi Auto Rickshaw Drivers Exposed!

They can be grumpy, preachy, funny and notorious at the same time. Delhi autowalas are known for their attitude and rudeness. If you’re coming to New Delhi, then you should know the art of handling them. They are no alien rather our own brothers. Hence they are human. I know they are impolite but that makes them a true autowala. You can hate them, love them but it’s difficult to ignore them. They are touted to be the lifeline of Delhi – the busiest and snazziest city in India. I have seen them and known them for years now. When I first came to the capital from a small town called Guwahati, I was little different as I was completely unaware of Delhi’s culture. It’s been seven years now and I am completely in sync with the city. I have been to the darkest streets to brightest places here. I claim to know much about this place now.

Facts About Delhi Auto Rickshaw Drivers Exposed!

It’s difficult to identify their whims and fancies. They never charge you right and they do lots of nakhras (dramas). They can easily study you. They charges according to your appearance. If you look rich, then you are gone man. You will be charged higher.

Delhi autowalas never carry change with them. They always say Khulle nahi hai bhaisaab or madam (I don’t have change sir/ma’am)! Actually, it’s a good business strategy. Mostly people are in a hurry and therefore they leave the change. You should preferably carry change for preventing this situation. You should rather give them coins.

Sometimes you may encounter a preacher in the garb of an auto driver. This kind is actually very dangerous. They will give you free lessons on politics, fashion, city and etiquettes. If they are so learned, then why they are driving a three wheeler. You should nod and let them blabber. Don’t try to go deeper into the discussion.

There are funny drivers too. They mostly sit in a pillow while driving. They will keep a comical smile in their face always. Today I met one who was listening cricket match through a Bluetooth enabled headset. India is really progressing – I silently kept thinking throughout the journey from my office to my home. He is my protagonist for sure. I was quite impressed by his level of technical know how.

I am basically a peace loving person. My morning was spoiled by an anonymous comment who was questioning the authenticity of my writing. I was literally hurt. But now I am all awake and kicking. The autowala was truly an inspiration for me. I will remember you throughout my life dude. I want you to read this post because I know one day even the silent majority of India will also blog!


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  1. Anonymous3:23 AM

    Delhi Autowalas r carry a great importance. I remember; once i got into argument with them & he left me in middle of the way.

  2. Anonymous10:24 PM




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