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Darren Rowse – Blogger Extraordinaire – The Story of Darren Rowse

I know you love blogging, I know you love writing, and I even know that you’re a fighter. The story of Darren Rowse is different. It’s not an ordinary tale because he is not an ordinary man. Who is Darren Rowse? Well, he is a dreamer, writer, geek, and a photographer. He is the undaunted king of the blogging world. If you are new here than you should definitely visit his superb blog called Problogger. Every writer needs audience and appreciation. It’s like his or her bread and butter. Without a spectator you are nothing but a foolish babbler. Sometimes you feel clueless because your mind gets suffocated. Suddenly, you forget to write. You forget to think too and eventually you hate yourself for being a writer. Your dilapidated existence becomes a shadow. Nobody cares to understand you. Don’t worry it happens with everyone. Well, the man who went through all the pain of blogging knows the best. He knows every aspect of this new age fixation and that’s why he is Darren Rowse.

Blogger Extraordinaire – The Story of Darren Rowse

The beauty of Darren Rowse writing lies in his simplicity. He knows his audience. His simple but effective English makes his copy extremely readable. He knows the art of delivering unlike many of us who fails to justify titles. The online world is growing at a light speed. Every one is coming so close. We are getting everything here. Our planet is really advancing towards a new beginning and Darren is someone who started this revolution. His every word is precious. It’s not only about making money; blogging is something that gives you a platform to flaunt your dreams.
It was the month of April, 2009, when I visited Problogger. I was following his posts since then. It’s extremely easy to get so much knowledge now. People like him are distributing knowledge without any charges. His site basically teaches about making money but I think he is also a great writer. He never writes a sales copy rather he interacts with his reader like a next door guy. His tone is definitely friendly. Everyone can relate to him because he was like us. Everyone can’t be a successful blogger or a successful writer but anyone can be a passionate dreamer. Sometimes your dreams become your obsession and sometimes an inspiration. Anything inspirational is soothing. Blogging is a baby now. It’s in its nascent stage. So, we should never miss an opportunity to feel its splendour.

Darren Rowse is definitely a man who will be remembered and followed. He is neither a guru nor an expert but he delivers what he feels. He is just like a guardian angel who keeps guiding us from some corner of the world. He stays in Australia but his presence is felt through out the globe. He was the man who gave opportunities to millions of people during recession to earn from their home. He is the one who is making the world a better place to live by teaching the art of blogging. Yes, he is definitely a blogger extraordinaire!

These are only my opinion. What’s your story? Do let me know :)


  1. Anonymous8:15 AM

    wwoooowww... wat a post..
    you have inspired me to follow ProBlogger too :)

    //Everyone can’t be a successful blogger or a successful writer but anyone can be a passionate dreamer. //
    awwwwww.... maaannnn... that was soooo awe-inpiring line...

    good one dear :)
    and thanks for sharing...

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  3. sometimes everything looks so close, so lovely, so real...Thanks meg :)

  4. I've heard of pb before, but this post of yours got me up close and personal with his space, for which I have to thank you much!


  5. Thanks Rakesh

    Keep writing :)

  6. Thanks for your kind words and readership - it means a lot to me.

  7. woow...Can't believe this - Darren Rowse in my blog! Thank you Sir...:)

  8. Super post Pallav...

    The fact that Darren thanked you shows that what a down to earth person he is. :)

  9. Thanks Sonia. Yes, you're true. Darren is extremely generous and down to earth. God Bless!

  10. Darren definitely has an incredibly story. I am afraid mine is still in the making. :)

  11. Thanks Steven, you'll definitely make it big. You've a nice blog!

    God Bless:)

  12. I visit Problogger frequently and it is clearly a great resource for bloggers. But I caution people when it comes to making money from blogging. Many blogs that make a lot of money are sites that are mostly about blogging.

  13. I am also a huge follower of Darren, I think you did a great job describing what I know of him. Great post!

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  15. @Hari..Very true! I agree but Problogger actually teaches you the art of blogging not making money at large. It's only showing you the way without asking anything from you in return and that's the beauty of Darren Rowse.

    Keep reading :)

    @Briesauce...Thank you so much for appreciating my post.

    Keep Reading :)

  16. Anonymous11:45 PM

    Problogger was a revelation. I guess I am at the first stage blogging impulsively and sporadically!

    Anway, thanks for liking and promoting my post on Indiblogger.

  17. Thanks Salaamreaders:) Keep Reading!

  18. Another amazing post!

    Yeah, Darren is a really wonderful human being...I appreciate him for sharing so much of his invaluable knowledge on Problogger..!

    A comment here by Darren, I guess, must have definitely shocked and surprised you!

  19. Yes Parth! It was extremely surprising to see his comment. I felt bliss. Thanks for appreciating my post Parth. Keep visiting my blog. You're most welcome :)