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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Butt Fixation – It’s a Butt Crazy World!

Nicely rounded butt entices everyman. The curves exude delight while the movements do have high impact. Butt undoubtedly is one of the main assets that every female would like to have. A well toned bottom generates curiosity among the onlookers. The world is going crazy over this new fixation.

A gorgeous back side looks divine in trousers. Formal attire makes a woman look more voluptuous and fleshy. Yet, people think that only perverts talk about them but in reality every guy is somewhat attracted towards a girl who possesses a delightfully lower body. Indian women are born to rule the world with so much curves. They are made of flesh and bones unlike those skinny models that men hate in reality. They are only good for ramps. It’s the era of arcs and a facade that walks with them rules.

Getting a nicely shaped lower body requires enough hard work. Yet, some females are born with them.  Regular running, bender ball workouts and of course sex do have the capability to enhance these features.

Why men love them?

There are various rational explanations. Men do love to gaze at women and butt is the focal point. A woman with a shaped bottom scores high over a good-looking skinny female. Yet, there are exceptions everywhere. All men love fantasizing things. A well toned back stimulates your thought process. It appeals your seventh sense and tranquilises your internal muse. Butt fixation is also seen in women. They also get attracted by this asset. They love to gaze at men who possess them.

Most urban girls know its importance hence they wear outfits that accentuates their curves with ease. They can easily dictate a board room with their intelligence and assets. There are cases of distractions in many urban workplaces due to this and these things would keep happening in the years to come. The beauty of a woman lies in her butt and many intelligent men would approve this.

Earlier there was a cleavage fixation but now it’s only butt. You may love this, you may hate this too but it’s difficult to ignore the power of a big rounded bottom. The world looks beautiful when they swing with grace. It may not be voluntary act but it’s a fact that your eyeballs get automatically drifted towards them. It’s undoubtedly a butt crazy world where everything looks real and happy.



Ahem, ifs and butts, eh? Wassup dude, you on a roll! :)

Somehow the butts make everything so alive ;)

Big butts in India also make you the butt of all jokes...unless they are covered up demurely in a saree ;)

You write really well, be it a sensuous topic, a simple expression or a vivid poetry.

@Journomuse...big butts are better than small ones :)

@KG..Thanks :)

I really dunno if you tried to ne serious... but i lafed my butt out! ;)
Nice info... men prefer nice butts to size zero?!?! :D

nice butt story.
i agree wid d point that gals like it
i dnt abut others but at least
i do

a sensuous topic handled with grace not letting any element of vulgarity :)

Thanks Nandita and Maliny for appreciating my post about butts :)

Presented well!! No one would dare find it vulgar, no even women, because modern women try to carry themselves much more in a revealing fashion, not the orthodox way. Yes, butts are the object of men's desire

Thanks Nilesh and Manzil :)

Hmmm.. I'm a butt fanatic myself, so glad that the opposite sex thinks alike:)

Butts exude vitality. I have seen women slapping their partner’s butt; I have seen men doing the same ;)

Helpful blog, bookmarked the website with hopes to read more!

Pallav...take a bow to your immense courage to write on elements of human body.

Well handled, Pallav! (the topic, I mean;))