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Dark Side of the Urban Night

There are holes, there are complications and there is a unique anonymity behind every big city. An urban night is different. There is a hint of hedonism in the air. The dingy corridors aren’t very safe. You can smell lust all around. Yet, the chaos is somewhat silent. The nocturnal pleasure-seekers know the art of concealing their grin under their fake smiles.

Urban streets at night are often frequented by drunk drivers and lusty creatures. It’s the paid hours for pimps and escorts. The cougars found driving looking for gigolos. The fast-paced life and the growing pressure is creating a new generation. The landscape is changing now and nobody is complaining. The glittering skyline, sleek roads, perfumes and some noises of pain and delight epitomizes a city life. Nobody feels anything, everybody is just so numb. Infidelity, frustrations and some madness drive everyone crazy. You are left with a frozen heart that never breaks down…

Nights here are different. You will find sleaze all around high-end pubs; you’ll witness pain amid so much grandeur. Mechanical beings, monetary dealings and loud people! The owls keep weeping in fright.

But there is always a silver lining. Nights here also inspires you to listen to trance. It inspires you to capture the cacophony; it makes you no less a vampire. Slowly the sunshine peeps in, the clouds move away and then there is a dawn. Everything vanishes with the darkness except some ashes of that ugly night.


  1. Very nice portrayal of urban life! Drop in at my site thislifedotcom.blogspot.com

  2. Well-written Pallav. Beautifully worded. Hedonism is indeed the order of the day, albeit behind the covers.

    Night is also the medium to put it all behind you, have a good rest and look forward to next day .. to hope :)

  3. I so absolutely hate the urban life and it's many vices!

    I can so very well relate via this post!

  4. Thanks Neena,Kiran and Rakesh. An urban life is so full of chaos!

  5. hey Pallav , i have been reading your posts for quite sometime now , and honestly , your style of writing is enviable ! keep up the good work !

  6. Thanks just_a_pen_in_my_hand :)

  7. Anonymous6:34 AM

    Very well written . Urban nights are devoid of any feelings , they suck life out of you and leave you hollow from within. Maybe that's what they can offer ... emptiness