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The Beauty of Subconscious Writing

Lately, I have developed a habit of writing unconsciously. My fingers just move automatically. The music played in my laptop brings out that long lost fervor and harmony. I just keep writing subconsciously.

Words keep playing hide and seek, the drumbeats and guitar chords exude some kind of unique sonata. Writing without thinking sometimes can be so much satisfying. The sweat is missing; it’s like enjoying a rock concert with words. It’s like creating something without much pain.

Your fingers becomes stimulated, it craves to hit that solid black keyboard. It moves with sheer ease from one letter to another. It goes on creating one phrase to another, one word to another. The music in the background enhances your writing experience. You are so occupied yet detached from the world; you just keep going deeper and deeper. You dance in your chair; you keep inhaling the bliss in your corridor. You just keep writing and writing on. That’s the beauty of subconscious writing, that’s like creating a new symphony everyday, every night….


  1. Hmm... U r right but I have a different way of writing. I cant resist any sound while writing. So I dont play any music when I write. Keep visiting my blog too.. - http://www.bloggerabhilash.info/

  2. I know how that feels! Writing coming from within is the best - undoubtedly!

  3. Aaha...dats d beauty of subconscious writin...its flawless...flows smoothly n also have d power 2 touch a heart...which is difficult...PERFECT
    wen music n writin comes 2gether...creates a heart touchin notion!

  4. Quite true!!! subconcious mind does know no limit! thats where dreams come from, and one who writes with his Subconcious mind does justice to his ability!!.....

    okay now lemme read what i just wrote :D ...

  5. I think subconscious writing keeps you thousand miles away from the most dreaded writer’s block. There’s always an exception though.

    It was unconscious again :)

  6. cool... its always feels great after such writings...

  7. Nice Article very useful for me.Thank you

  8. Only such writings end up being your favourite ones which you don't get exhausted going through the words again and again. And while writing we don't have to search for words, its like the flow comes from somewhere else and most important least time consuming.

    Sometimes I write in half sleep and it will be interesting to read it the following morning :)

    Nice thoughtful post, Pallav!

  9. Anonymous2:38 AM

    Try whiskey. After a while, even mundane musings become sheer art.

    One drunken monkey more than compensates for the hundred others on typewriters, with a Shakespeare. :)

  10. Nice thought Pallav..

    @Rindo:Vodka helps too..