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Brandmile - Bad Fashion Days!

Fashion is you, it’s your mask and you need to pamper it to accentuate the beauty within you. You have to wear the right kind of clothes to make yourself presentable. Dress to kill is the new dictum and you are not an exception.

Bad fashion! Yeah, sometimes cult attire looks obnoxious, occasionally traditional outfit looks jazzy and many a time the conventional dresses looks enormously breezy. The idea of bad fashion is somewhat crazy for people who follow trend strictly.

Detailing for Fashion freaks is as important as black coffee for writers. Tiny mistakes or a misprint in a tee may create paranoia. A brand conscious guy would never buy duplicate stuffs with the same name. They could easily spot the difference by seeing the underdeveloped logo.

But, wearing a branded outfit or a designer garment doesn’t prove your fashion sense. Sometimes, even fashion gurus do blunder. We all face bad fashion days. We all have to go through this! That’s the only fact.

Understanding the occasion, place and people around you is extremely important before you make yourself a fool amid lots of smart guys. I think age do play a pivotal role for preventing such mistakes. A young guy would hardly care about all these gaffes. He would definitely wear his favourite stuff. Bad fashion days differ from person to person. We sometimes dress according to our inner signals. Hence, we unconsciously commit blunder. We look horribly different. We may not realise the fact at that moment but after scanning through all those pictures taken during an erstwhile event makes us uncomfortable. We hate to go through those images. We sulk in disgust. 

Well! I had many fashion disasters in my life. My carefree hairstyle and my extra urban outfits looked pathetically disgusting during an event meant for only professionals. Yeah! Those big guys - corporate honchos, I somehow managed to skip the very affair after a brief look at the audience. It was not for me. I hate to look professional, I always appreciated people who dress casually even during a big event. That’s somewhat crazy but my dressing sense allows me to appreciate people who look exceptionally urban. I like people who look simple yet extraordinarily hot even in their bad fashion days…


  1. Fashion for me is my definition of how best I am to myself!

  2. Casual is me.

    Pallav - thanks for the "promote" on Indiblogger(akshayapatra)

    Your blog design rocks. Have I said that before? Yes. And I am saying it again!

  3. Thanks Rakesh and Vidya for such wonderful perspective about fashion. Extremely true!

  4. @Vidya...Thanks again for loving the design :)

  5. i think fashion is more about being comfortable with whatever you are wearing & more of carrying it confidently n just being yourself!!!

  6. I have the same problem that I dont listen to anyone ikf I select my favorite dress for any occasion wich may look terrible..

  7. Fashion varies from person to person and if you are comfortable in your body and clothes then I believe you are the fashion icon.Very nice take on Bad Fashion Days.

  8. Hey! Liked your post....yes Fashion has got personal meanings! Not only wearing, to know to hold the attire is also important!

  9. jst loved ur post...

    its simply aWEsome...