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The Indian Escapist

Beautiful sunshine, sunny night, no metaphors, that’s the only reality of life – you have everything here, nothing there. You are no more a prisoner, no nightmares, no tears, no imperfections; you are the king in the whole galaxy because you know the art to escape, you are the Indian escapist.

You kick pain with ease, you fly like a quirky prose, and you are somewhere up there. Your eyes have the ability to provide sunshine. You are the best; you are the Indian whimsical man. Your smile may look decayed and hackneyed to the outer world, you may be treated like a rat, you are just fine, and you are nothing less than the emperor of my dreams. Your image may not be found in someone’s wallet but your picture is embedded everywhere near the greenery.

Practicality is boring; it’s the era of magic realism where pragmatism and materialism takes a backseat. You may not have money to survive but you have a lustrous soul inside. Fast cars, rich people, good food, posh living rooms. You have everything that money can’t buy. You may sleep in the pavement, but your dreams reaches far above the silky sky. 

The paranoia gives you strength to survive, your dreams pushes you to cross the deep blue sea, reality is just nothing for you, you are far above everything, your tears are gems, your existence may not be visible to others but your shadow is just very attractive to anyone who knows the meaning of life. You may keep smiling in your pain, but your heart is never devoid of love. The guitar strings, the drumbeats and those sweet symphonies of nightingale praise you every time. You are the great Indian escapist with a soul that thinks faster than light. You are the reality; you are the only one who has the ability to walk away with a smile from every damn thing…

Image credit: dustskin


  1. ur posts seems like a poem.. a small suggestion... use little known words which common people may understand. Its good for me bcoz I want to learn new words but others may not understand wat u want them to know..

  2. Your writing is very poetic...it comes naturally to you. But yeah even I felt that it was a bit too heavy. It's great if that's how you express yourself....but it doesn't hold everyone's attention...

    I loved the line " You may sleep on the pavement but your dreams reach far above the silky sky"

  3. Ah! Quite a way you have with words! I like the sarcasm!

  4. Why Escapist? I thought Enjoyer!!!

  5. Spoken like a true optimist. I could feel a connect. Kudos!

  6. May God bless you with more good creativity in writings. I just love your articles and posts. You are a genius. Hope with this birthday of yours , your brain will grow up more. A very very happy birthday to you. May u achieve whatever u want to be in your life... My best wishes with you.

    Abhilash Ruhela.

  7. hey..it is the human tendency to escape whatever they can't confront...

  8. wel A VERY BELATED happy birthday 2 u :)