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The Sleep Writing Story

It is half morn and half night between that silence and the hustle. He is trying to scribble a bit to fill his insomniac diaries. The moon is away and the sun is missing, he is just in a mood of sleep writing. The subconscious is becoming active while the alertness is all gone. The grammar and the voice has taken a backseat, the chronicler is busy capturing those fleeting glimpses of a restless night. He is writing with his half closed eyes.

Writing is just like an old wine that seduces a chronicler. He is always hunting for reason, for a cause to express something or just nothing in his own special ways. Have you ever tried to write in your sleep? If not, try once and I bet you will feel better. Your eyes may not support your fingers but your mind would definitely encourage your thoughts to capture the faint light and symphonies of a beautiful half night. 

Have you ever scribbled your dreams? This is weird again because only some fanatics may do so but there’s nothing wrong in trying once. The process of writing even while you aren’t highly alert may create whimsical pieces. The flow of words may entangle you next day with some really difficult questions. You are destined to feel those unusual dewdrops next morning. Sleep writing may not promote sense but it definitely captures that moment between your sleep and reality wisely…


  1. again feeling great to comment first...

    Nice 1.. I have tried this many time.. its sometimes dangerous. haha

  2. you have captured very interesting moment & simple yet beautiful...
    yes, i have done this many times...something special forces you to pen down your thoughts...it does not let u sleep unless you are finished with your writing piece..many a times i have scribbled down dreams into paper...well, this have its own beauty & flow..only fanatics can follow this as they have that spirit....

  3. what a idea sir ji!
    the dejauv whatever you describing is really staggering one but also interesting one to relive, i think i should try at least once if no more.

  4. @Iti…True! Writing in your sleep or before you sleep is always a rejuvenating experience.

    @S B Tamare…You will feel better. Just try it once. Thanks for your comment.

  5. Too good...loved d words insomniac diary...hmm...i wud love 2 try dis...writing...a bit of unconscious...

  6. Thanks Beyond Horizon!

  7. I tried this and its very relaxing and insomnia writing helps a lot for sleeping peacefully.thanks for sharing this.