Rejection Phobia - A Typical Male Syndrome

Blind dates, long distance affairs, telephonic relations, pen friends, childhood crushes and a typical male behind them all! Everyone is unique, every man is different. Yet, the fear of rejection always lurks like an inevitable shadow around an urban man. So, let’s find out more about this typical male syndrome.

Ex Girlfriends, Ghosts and That Secret Potion of Desire

Sweet melodies of yesteryears often soothe his soul. Confused past, hazy memoirs and long drives in his father’s old gypsy illuminates his apartment. The shadows of his ex girlfriends keep haunting him. Those larger than life greeting cards, those soft toys, those bracelets, those watches, those letters are locked inside his closet. Time changes, feelings evolve, old friends reunites. The air never remains the same.

How to Tweet Like Jim Morrison

Microblogging! The new addition to the content hungry universe is making everyone bit crazy. Some people are investing hefty sum of money to gain followers, some folks tweeting extra sensible quotes, some individuals trying to be little humorous, the celebrities gaining millions of followers overnight and some people are still dazed. They retweet, copy paste some old quotations, sometimes news and views and most of the times they just keep gazing at the time line without having any words to write.

Bedroom Story - What Indian Women Want In Bed?

Indian women are flawless, intelligent and wild in bed. They know the art of taming a wild stallion, they knows the magic of weaving a satisfying tale. Everyone is unique and every girl has their priorities.

Winter Loneliness - Why Loneliness is Ecstatic?

The music of David Gilmour (On an Island) is creating a dreamlike ambience; the loner is busy writing his chronicle in his studio apartment, he is capturing the ecstasy of being lonely in an overcrowded city. He is mutely inhaling the drifting joy and the lingering silence, he is growing from within, he is catching the stars, and he is alive…

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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Walking In the Rain…

Suddenly the sun kissed sky bids goodbye. The beautiful darkness settles down. The world around me transforms into a good-looking bride. The melancholy in my balcony fades down. The droplets are dancing in my terrace, the earth exuding fragrance. There’s a unique sonata, there’s a divine feeling of joy.

Rain! There’s nothing like walking in the rain. Forget umbrella, forget pain, forget everything just walk against those heavy drops of rain. Sip coffee, have a smoke, walk hand in hand, praise the lord, open your arms and hug the gorgeous downpour. It's ecstasy, it’s so soothing to jump around like a carefree child.

Happy faces, mouth watering Gol Gappas, lip smacking Momos, sumptuous pakoras and the timeless samosas appeals to your taste buds. Indulge, cherish the manna, there’s nothing like feeling the rainwater.

Tonight the earth is smelling lavender, tonight the moon is hiding in its attic, tonight there’s only bliss peeping silently through the closet. The aisles looks green, the trees look lovely but the traffic is getting ugly. Everyone is preparing something good; everyone is listening to the rain song.

The beetles are buzzing with delight, the frogs doing salsa, fishes swimming like never before. Tonight the pleasant darkness is making my heart feel little young. The shadow of Satan is slowly disappearing.
The advent of rain is always so delightful. It’s like Mozart’s symphony, it’s like Byron’s poetry, and it’s like Cleopatra’s beauty.

The greenery is soothing, there’s no cacophony, and the raindrops are so very mesmerizing. I could see some wine lovers, I could see people smoking with pure passion, I could see people laughing and smiling like never before. The magic is slowly sliding inside our hearts. People are exchanging more SMSes, writing more mails, chatting vehemently. Tonight everything is so very bright…

There’s nothing like walking in the rain, there’s nothing like breathing without pain…

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Do All Relationships Come With The Past? Soch Lo!

When love dies, lust occupies a human mind. When the smiles of yesteryears fade down, the whirlwind of perplexity gallops through the aisles of your invalid kingdom…

His heart tries to visit those lush green memories. The calmness is missing in his monochromatic galaxy. Almost every relationship comes with the perpetual past. The ghosts create disturbance, the lush green memories turn into fatal dissonance. The pain begins to linger throughout every corner of his throbbing heart…

His past becomes his curse, his present collapses. The maze called life plays eerie symphonies now. His tears are red, his eyes are all wet.

Relationships are constantly falling apart because of misunderstandings, expectations. Love is losing its virgin fragrance. It’s becoming a commodity and everyone is craving to flaunt one. It’s fashion to hang around with a good looking girl or a boy. The purity is somewhat missing in this fast changing world. It will be silly on your part to expect your partner to have no past now. As I have said earlier, almost every relationship has a past. Some past fades into oblivion, some stays behind and some curses you everyday, every time. Life is unpredictable, sad and ruthless. The longing for a momentary bliss is creating disharmony to an urban soul. The rate of physical as well as mental infidelity is increasing. Life is treating no one very well.

Once upon a time he was loved by everyone; he was the talk of the town. He was having everything that he wanted but now he is lonely and disrespected. His life has reduced into a mental asylum. He is tortured by his past memories every night; even 10 sleeping pills aren’t enough to provide him that long lost sleep. He tries to watch movies, he tries to listen to music but the howl of his past prevents every good thing to slide into his loneliness….

There are no golden rules to make a relationship work. It’s all about destiny and that heavenly chemistry. There’s no soulmate, there’s only reality that is ugly, dark and full of dungeons.

Nothing is permanent, nothing is complete. Everyone is living an incomplete life. That’s what life is and the beauty rest deep in its incompleteness. He is no more crying tonight, he found his dream fairy, he isn’t worried about his past neither he is concerned about his future. He is just living in the present. The dawn is glistening now, the shadows of past is no more floating in his galaxy. There’s always a silver lining, there’s always a happy beginning…

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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Absurd Life – In Search of an Ordinary Face

The whirlwind is transforming me into some monochromatic smokes. The thorns are no more pinching me but I could very clearly see flowers turning into needles. The abyss where I dwell is designing my existence and my voice is slowly fading away like the never ending murk. The wanderer is moving ahead in search of light…

Life is absurd; it’s unpredictable yet so very alive. The moment the sun goes down, there’s another night. The silence settles down but the chaos inside never leaves us. Sometimes there’s heat, sometimes there’s cold but the vapors rising from those pain keeps lingering on.

The absurdity increases and madness overcome everything. Everyday is a battle. It’s no waterloo, no world wars but something more than that. Your brain stops functioning, your heart throbs more and your existence craves for something. There is an itch, there is cry and then there is that struggle for survival.

The sweat from your body makes you look ugly; your spectacles makes you look like a nerd and you feel like dirt. The invisibility increase, the pain spreads like venom throughout your spines.

Absurd things, unfriendly stares, anger and a mute thunder occupies your galaxy. People look like demons, cars and buses like lethal weapons, the skyscrapers appears like predators. There’s no logic, there’s nothing that rational enough. There’s only a long deep introspection.

There are masks available everywhere. The meaning of life keeps changing. The night bites you, nightmares keep you awake and the morning sun torture your skin. Everybody is smart, good looking, efficient. No one is imperfect, ugly and unintelligent. There’s no room for madness, but there’s enough space for the greedy and the ruthless. The prostitutes sell themselves, the politicians keep fighting, poor writers and poets keep penning illogical quotes and the world keeps wheeling.

Almost every street is crowded, almost every place is diluted. There is a smell of lingering curse, there is nothingness everywhere. The disconnected prose is nonsensical, the metaphors seems meaningless. The memoirs written by great people are sitting unattended. The coffins of dead poets and musicians must be rotting somewhere. The sunshine beckons freedom, the night exude curse but the world remains the same. Foolish thoughts of a whimsical man are like a mental asylum in action. There is no space for absurdity. Facts, figures, statistics makes you stronger, logical and a tough person. There’s no place for people who talks everything in metaphors and similes.

Life is beautiful, life is logical. Everybody is creating something or the other; everybody is playing their role well. Everybody is a celebrity, everybody is a rock star but everybody can’t flaunt an ordinary face. The mask never leaves them, the curse lingers on…

(Meaningless Prose – Just Ignore)

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Emotional Atyachaar at Midnight

My phone was ringing, it wasn’t singing. It was yelling and howling like hungry werewolves. It was a mundane Thursday midnight. Everyone was sleeping except me, my phone and the person behind the ringing tone.

I somehow managed to wake up and answer that call in my sleep. My voice was hoarse, my mind wasn’t at peace and then there was that unpredictable downpour of ugly words from the person behind the phone. Someone was accusing me endlessly right, left and center. He was making me feel guilty.

You took my girlfriend away from me, you did this and that and I was listening to him like a dumb sheep. I was trying to understand his agony but couldn’t find out the reason he was calling me. I kept the phone with disgust as he was talking something ridiculous. But the phone kept ringing.

My sleep was already gone. I was pondering about the whole episode but couldn’t recognize his girlfriend. Suddenly one more call from different number. You are the biggest cheater I have ever known. The person behind the phone was a girl this time. I couldn’t recognize her voice even. Hey, lady, I think you are talking to a wrong number – I said. But the lady insisted that she was right. You are the father of my child. Hell! This is going crazy now. I told her not to bother me at the middle of the night. Then the voice behind the phone changes, it was a male voice now…You are gone dude. You’ve no way now. I was traumatized by this misadventure.

Suddenly, there was big laugh. Hey dude, this is Ritwik. How are you? You…after traumatizing me asking how am I? Hey dude, please check out today’s date. Oh! Hell, it was 1st April and I am their first victim.

The lady was my friend too. Finally, we had a good laugh and chatted through conference whole night and bunked office next day to celebrate the famous fool’s day. This was my Emotional Atyachaar story. What’s yours?

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Dreamscape Vampire and Drops of Fresh Blood

Some vampires are different. Although they love the smell and taste of human blood but they are unable to feed themselves in bright reality. They haunt their prey in their dreams. These vampires sleep.

The morning sun annoys their skin. They are dazzling and beautiful. Dreamscape vampires are supposed to be the blessed ones. They have unique powers. They can easily manipulate your dream state.

The darkness inside your dream is often frequented by these creatures. They appears in the form of someone you know, they seduce and kill you in your sleep. Their attack last till you are inside your dream state. Vampires are suave creatures who execute their plans with sheer panache.

The negative energy around you is created by them during your sleep. Their astral bodies constantly fly within your dreamscape. In order to fight back, you need to have a strong mind. They love to drink young blood.

29th March, 1960….

The silent midnight looks enticing yet eerie. The vampire is on the prowl to find and kill his victim. His bloodthirsty tongue flutters with delight when he spots a young lady in white. He kills her. His thirst increases, his onslaught becomes severe with the passing midnight. He kills everyone in the hour of darkness. The wind of death lingers all around. The silent town isn’t sleeping that night. The vampire killed everybody. Suddenly, he wakes up. He sees blood and wounds in his body. He quivers with fright to see his heart coming out from this body. His hands drenched in his own blood. He yells!

Nightmares do leave real scars sometimes. The boy in his late 20s was dreaming that night and unconsciously he wounded himself. He was playing the role of both the hunter and the hunted. Stories of vampires may look enticing but they do have the ability to create an ugly illusion in everybody’s mind. Beware...


Friday, July 23, 2010

What’s Fashion? Beauty with Bones!

Do you have bones to flaunt? If not, you aren’t in shape to walk the ramp. Skinny girls look hot! What an irony? Well, mannequins too have the similar vital stats. Girls love to flaunt a skinny structure for looking young. Everyone wants to exhibit a size zero outline.

Why fashion shows prefer to create so much fiction? Why there aren’t comfortable with an hourglass or a plus size model? The idea of style isn’t going well with the present generation. There is air of falsehood and hypocrisy lingering everywhere. The thought of an ordinary face and body looks fuzzy. 

The sleek silhouette impresses every designer while the real world wants curve in plenty. A bikini is imperfect for a plump lady while they look ridiculous in a skeletal body. Obesity is bad but anorexia is a curse. The idea of looking skinny is nothing but a mental disorder. It’s just an illusion that tempts every female to shed those not-so ugly pounds.

Men love to see some flesh instead of those frames. Yet, the make-believe world of fashion is tempting every female to take up a starvation diet. We have also seen extreme cases like Bulimia where girls are eating and deliberately vomiting for attaining a bony structure. There are various surgeries available that promises to discard that extra fat from your body.

Well, there’s a choice for everybody but don’t you think some people are going overboard in the quest to look chic. The snazzy cover girls are tempting every next door lass to look like them. Well, there’s an exception always. Almost every woman knows their priorities. They know how to accentuate their god gifted assets. Skinny girls are definitely not hot. They are just living mannequins which is why they are called models. They may have appropriate features and magical attitude but they lack curves that make a woman…

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Lady Luck and a Single Man!

People say that a woman can change your life. There are tales of growth and happiness. A single man is directionless, frozen and lifeless. He is just another piece of flesh. Woman brightens up his existence. She tries to pamper and nourish him. She brings some movement to his otherwise laid-back existence.

Every successful man is having someone behind who always motivates and inspires him. She takes care of his haircut, outfits, and emotions with ease. She even supplies home-cooked meals.

Yet, life isn’t so flowery my friend. Everyone isn’t lucky in love or marriage. The ever increasing divorce rate is creating crisis. Some sort of emotional slump is lingering. The game of changing partners is quite frequent now. Infidelity is so very common in the urban landscape. Yet, people enjoy lady luck from different women at different times.

He isn’t a womanizer. He is just not lucky in love. His hay days were full of raindrops and sunshine but slowly life changed after that tumultuous break up with his presumed soul mate. 

He left his country, went miles away but the shadows kept haunting him always. He slept with different partners; he threw all his memories out of the window.

He neither tries to mingle with anyone nor does he try to fall in love. He just walks in the asphalt with a fake smile. His life is directionless, frozen and sad. His smiles exude pain.

Life of a single adult isn’t very flowery. Everyone needs a partner for survival. Lady luck is very important for attaining bliss. You aren’t a man if you don’t have them. Women epitomize harmony, they satiates our soul. Yet, man hates to stick to one. Temptations keep alluring them to try new things. Infidelity is bad but how many of us follow this. Love naturally brings luck. The world looks beautiful with her arrival. So preserve this arrival, don’t let your luck fly away so easily...


Monday, July 19, 2010

Premarital Honeymoon – Love, Life & Dilemma

The world sometimes goes reverse, takes various shapes, makes you laugh amid thunder and lightening. The vivid colours of life’s sky keeps mesmerizing you. Sometimes we think of love, sometimes we just move on without having any, sometimes there’s bliss without a valid recognition.

Everybody is chasing a mirage; everybody is sad and happy at the same time. There something missing always in their life. They keep whining for more. More money, more love and more life. That’s humane. Dreams keep pushing them to create castles of gold, dreams makes them think about their upcoming future. Premarital Honeymoon is becoming common nowadays. Everyone is trying to indulge, interact and live life before it gets too late.

From New York to London, Mumbai to Delhi, Canada to Australia – every city is coming under the grip of premarital harmony. The culture of live-in relationship is evolving. The tide is taking everyone into different direction. The institution of marriage looks like passé. The mingling rate is high but there are always exceptions. Everyone can’t be same. Some people vehemently believe in enjoying bliss after marriage. Is it bad to go on a premarital honeymoon? Well, I know couples who eat and sleep together. They lives happily but when it comes to marriage they just shrug off. They sometimes marry but most of the time they walk away. Yet, there are cases of successful relationships. The wind always speaks love before marriage they say while responsibilities make them quiver. They try to run away from their shadows. The cloud of confusions breaks down in their horizon. They need time they say with ease. It’s your life. You’ve a valid mind and beating heart that signals you every time you go wrong.

Premarital honeymoon is becoming a trend because most of the youngsters are living outside. They are getting wings to fly unlike yesteryears. They are flaunting their liberty with enormous grace. They are walking and talking under the moonlit sky. There are beautiful as well as sad love tales. There are stories of heartbreaks and withdrawal.

Premarital honeymoon may not be a good idea because it breaks the excitement. However if you tell these things now, people would just dump you. People just need instant gratification; they can’t wait for a second.

Our yesteryears were golden; we were innocent because we were kids. Now, we are little grown up, we are also taking up responsibilities but sometimes we fail. No one is perfect and I am not an exception. The only problem with our generation is that we can’t wait. We become restless, we need everything now. The more we whine for these things, the less we live. I am no philosopher, I am no saint, and I am just an avid fantasist who keeps deciphering things with open eyes. Is it really bad? I wonder…

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Disturbed Reality – Whisperings of a Crazy Mind

Hallucinations, sleepwalking, eerie songs from the woods, eating disorder, nightmares, Gothic castles, grand mom’s face, swinging hammock and some surreal moments of deep anguish describes his existence. He often climbs puzzling staircases and sees flying cars and buses in his dreams. He struggles to get back to reality. He lives in paranoia. He finds nobody around. He is imprisoned inside the unreal living room of his vulnerable mind. He suffers from insomnia, he sees white blood, ghost of Jim Morrison, war, and strange faces that constantly try to manipulate his survival.

He hears fading sounds from reality but couldn’t feel them fully. The chattering of people in his neighbourhood wakes him up while the twilight gives him nothing but fright. Nightmares visit him every time he closes his eyes. Those unique dreams make him thirsty while those strange faces never let him drink anything. He craves for ice cream, he travels strange gullies in a cycle, and he sees clever people around him. Sometimes he looks good in his dreams but most of the time his ugly face amuses no one. He mutely moves towards a silent corner and sips tea. He is attended by nobody. Even his shadow seems invisible. Lizards and rats wander around. They try to pull every chord of his brain. He flies and falls. He could make giant leaps; he witnesses white castles and an aquarium. 

Why there’s so much disharmony in and around him. What’s bothering him so much? He isn’t into drugs but his hallucinations are getting weirder with each passing day. He is quite now. He stays in his own world. The trauma of his existence is felt by no humane soul. The invisibility is increasing, the smokes are rising, and the sweat is dripping endlessly. The doomsday is near. The whisperings of a disturbed mind is often unheard and neglected that leads to withdrawal. The lonely urban life is transforming us into mad men. The everyday chaos is turning everyone into zombies.

However, there’s always a dawn. There’s always an appropriate way to pamper your life. There’s never a dead end. There’s always happy beginning…

Friday, July 16, 2010

Fairplay – Are you Fair Enough?

Pale skin is a classic fixation. Fairness is in vogue and almost everyone is trying to lighten their complexion in reality as well as in the virtual world. Now every guy wants to look like Robert Pattinson. Fairness is not only limited to the female population. The metro sexual culture is evolving like never before. People are taking up expensive fade creams, skin lightening injections, surgeries and what not for attaining a bright yellow appearance but do you think fair skin really exudes beauty? Do you think brown or dark people aren’t gorgeous? Do you think being fair is something great? I guess not. Although the world runs after fair skin but the reality is everybody can’t be pale like those vampires. The sun makes us brown and sometimes we look golden too.

The trend keeps changing but do you think fair guys have more beauty quotient compared to those darker ones? Do you think those girls who possess pale skin are lovelier? From fashion to cinema, people mostly prefer to see fair skinned performers and that’s a fact. Do you think there’s a racist inside us who keeps supporting pale skinned people? There are many ugly urban tales of prejudices that haunts us.

The world is at the brink of change. Now your skin color may not hold any importance. Now we have powerhouse performers like Denzel Washington, Will Smith who are equally craved by the opposite Sex. Now we have African American President, now we have Freida Pinto and Kim Kardashian. They aren’t pale, they are just brown but their attraction factor is no less than other stars. But we still crave to flaunt a pale skin. We aren’t happy with our skin. We want more. There’s confusion everywhere. Some people hate their pale skin while brown people crave to flaunt a fairer appearance.

Fairness plays a major role in marriages and love. There is a subconscious reality that believes in prejudices. Are you comfortable with your skin? May be yes, may be not but the question is - are you fair enough? 

Lately, I came across an absurd application in facebook that promises to give you a virtual makeover. This application claims to make your profile picture look much more fairer than reality. It was extremely ridiculous to see such software doing great. Yet, my question is why there is so much craze for a fair and lovely skin? We have seen Michael Jackson ruining his skin in the quest for acquiring a fair complexion. Some says he suffered from vitiligo but I think a prodigy like MJ must have also felt the same urge like most of the brown and black people feel now.

Fair skin is touted to be beautiful. It imitates sophistication and elegance but don’t you think we are wrong? Don’t you think even dark people look beautiful? Don’t you think we are obsessed with fairness? Oh! Who cares, the urge will surely continue but the trend may not stay alive for long. There will be a time when the color of our skin wouldn’t stand as a barrier. There will be a time when people would only crave for a humane skin…

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Soul of a Vampire

The gale looks beautiful when it comes with raindrops. The paranoia fades down. There is a sense of freedom all around. The jazz evolves the chandeliers makes unique clamor and a soothing symphony oozes out from those frozen arteries. The vampire approaches slowly towards his elegantly clad mistress. She surrenders herself to that exclusive fantasy. The raindrops start hammering; there is a scream inside and outside…

The soul of the Vampire is shining tonight. His frozen blood is melting into desire. His mind is seduced, his tongue is fluttering and heart is beating harder. The fragrance of lavender is spreading like wild fire. The mistress touches his cold neck, she tries to smell his blood drenched lips; she tries to create beauty out of the beast.

The shy moon is no more seen in that rain covered night. The far away hillside is exuding sonata of love and lust. The house amid those heart warming waterfalls looks heavily priced. The night looks different; the color of blood is white. Tonight the mistress rises, tonight the vampire falls.

Suddenly, there is a noise. Someone tries to break the harmony. The vampire rushes towards the closet, the mistress wears her gown. The lover stands in front her. The mistress kisses him vehemently. The vampire quivers, his soul cries out of agony. The night looks different; tonight the color of blood is white…

The lover softly plays with her long curls. She moves like a dream in his arms.

The Vampire fades away into oblivion from her mind. She endlessly dances with her lover. The soul of the vampire dies that night. His appearance changes as he kills both of them. He screams in agony, he shouts in disharmony.

Tonight the vampire isn’t lonely; he is drinking blood in plenty. Tonight the mistress is dead as her love was unreal. The frozen heart of that vampire made room for the lady but her cravings for that dual fantasy caused that inevitable doom…

The gale looks ugly when it comes without raindrops. The paranoia settles down. There is a sense of suffocation all around. The jazz fades down, the chandeliers makes unique clamor with fright. Tonight the melancholy conveys nothing but gore and blood…


Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Great Stories Don’t End...

Frozen heart, nightmares, loneliness, mood swings, heart aches, bizarre thoughts and a laid-back soul. Love stories, kisses, flowers from heaven and a dark corridor. Mind games, surrealism, neon colored smokes, ice cubes and a voluptuous afternoon. Trees moving slowing without a clamor, the scorching sun rays peeping through those human made glasses. The old man is walking with his grand children, the fruit seller is shouting without glee. There is little movement but so much cacophony.

Miss Cherry is waiting for her lover. She is preparing chicken soup for him. Mrs Daisy is cleaning the house and Mr Moron is typing insane thoughts. Everyone is doing something. The watchman is sleeping in his throne near the lift and the driver is cleaning his boss’ Audi.

The stranger is walking in the mall with so much curiosity. The saleswoman is trying to manipulate him with her charm. The cinema hall is deserted as good movies are rarely releasing these days. The crowd is rather resting inside their homes.

That teenager is still angry with his dad and his mom constantly caressing him with delectable homemade desserts. The prisoner is writing books on wisdom and the footballers are practicing vehemently for the next cup. The cartoonist is creating pictures of the world.

Sonia is making love with her ex boyfriend while Mr Jacob (Sonia’s husband) is making presentations on Infidelity. Politicians are giving life changing speeches and their supporters are praising them endlessly in the sweltering heat. The bookies are making plots to kill Paul – the octopus while Mr Paul is thinking about his rebirth.

Mr D is googling for psychedelic music and some marijuana while Mr J couldn’t stop praising Kafka. Mr B is sharing old school pictures on facebook in his free time while Miss S is busy collecting comments from her loved ones. Andy is updating beer quotes in his wall while others are giving philosophical reasoning to his creative thoughts. .

The world is tweeting about Inception today because it’s the only substantial source of entertainment left after the Fifa world cup. Miss Rosy is still whining over her broken affair while her boyfriend Mr Dean is dating other girls.

Look, Mr Heart is still sad because he is single and trying hard to mingle with anyone. He is searching for love offline as well as online.

The world is busy molding their dreams. There are beggars, there are kings and there are people in between. There are dialogues, there are actions but in between there is an endless silence. Everyone has a story to tell, everyone is delivering something or the other.

Mr Moron is still trying to put together that jigsaw puzzle, he is trying hard to prove his sanity to the world. Great stories just don’t end. They evolve with time that keeps amusing us through out our lives…

Monday, July 12, 2010

That Missing Silhouette of Desire

She waits for me near the juice stand
She smiles at me, praises me every time
She mutely walks beside me
Holding my not-so soft arms

She loves Pizza, she adores the rain
She is like the mocking bird – carefree
She winks at me, talks about beauty and personal care
Her silent prayers never abandon me.

She loves the mountains and the valleys
She often tells about running away from the urban chaos
She craves to mingle with that benevolent hilly air
She too love the maples and those white lilies

She loves shopping - especially those kurtis
She loves to buy me new tees
She waits for me always near the juice stand
She mutely walks beside me
Holding my not-so soft arms

She calls me everyday, every night
She becomes timid if my phone stays busy
She loves my weird voice
She never cribs; she never tries to manipulate me

She loves the careless breeze,
She loves fried corns.
She no more waits for me near the juice stand
She mutely vanishes from my kingdom
Like a fiction without a valid ending…

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Urban Oracle Paul - Can Paul the Psychic Octopus Solve All Our Problems?

What will happen to Paul the octopus after Fifa World Cup? I have no clue but his recent predictions have stunned the world. He is enjoying the limelight now, but what’s next? If his prediction for the final match goes right then people will just make him a demigod and if something goes wrong and Spain loses the match – then he will just be dumped by everyone including his critics.

Lately, Paul’s prophecy is making headlines; even there are incidents of death threats. Soccer world cup is a grand event and it’s the dream for every player to hold that beautiful cup and prophecies like these could never break the spirit of the game.

Yet, there will be discussions everywhere if Paul’s prediction goes right? I have nothing against him but I just wonder what if he is real. Do you think his guesses can change the world? Do you think he can forecast about tomorrow beautifully as he is doing for the World Cup (Big event)? I guess not. We aren’t living in a Utopian world. There’s no room for fiction. Everything here depends upon performance and if you fail, you are out of the game. It’s just like a knock out match.

Normal lives are never benefited at large but the invincible slow crisis is killing us every day, every night. Everybody is excited about tomorrow’s match between Spain and Netherlands and also everybody’s excited to know if Paul the physic octopus triumphs or fall and I am not an exception. I am just curious to know how an Octopus knows so much about the game Soccer.

Almost every news channel must be having different stories to tell after the world cup final. I am sure there will be debates on him. I know if he succeeds, he will be remembered and praised.

I may not be an avid soccer fan but I am following every bit of this world cup. I have all praises for South Africa and waka waka. I am supporting Spain not because Paul said that they will win, I am supporting them because I like their game.

Let’s hope Paul’s prediction comes true because we need someone like him to predict the future of technology, literature, politics, blogging, motion pictures and of course soccer in the days to come. Octopus’s life span is very short but if Spain wins then I am certain about his immortality.

So, let’s wait and watch before coming to any conclusion.

To be continued…

Thursday, July 08, 2010

Billion Hearts Beating - 20000 Bloggers for a Billion Hearts

Heart! Everything fails when it comes to heart. It’s an old dictum that keeps exuding its charm every time, everywhere in our lives. Heart epitomizes love. The world looks humane because of those pumping hearts. I am an avid follower of my heart that constantly keeps signalling me what to do and what not to. Sometimes the decisions coming from heart delights me and sometimes the materialistic world misunderstands and disregards the echoes created by it.

The world looks so closer, so real and so beautiful when you look through the windows of your heart. Those glimpses of my past still make my heart throb a bit. Sometimes my heart aches, sometimes it weaves warm feeling and sometimes it’s so very numb. Yet, heart keeps enticing us throughout the journey called life.

Do you really think people follow their hearts in this robotic world? I guess not. Anyone who follows it now fails. That’s the only truth but who cares. Human heart is going through a transition phase. The indication from our soul may not look viable in a world that only believes in facts. The fiction within you may not impress the outer world. Yet, we love to dream, we believe in fairytales, we crave for miracles in our lives. Our dreams are directly connected to our heart. Wake up! Mr. Reality always acts as a spoilsport and slaps me hard.

What happens when your heart stop working? You die! I believe some people are still alive without a valid heart but no one cares about them too. They are on the prowl to change everyone into robots. They are urban dictators who try to squeeze every bit our heart with sheer panache. They give us practical lessons.

It’s time to protect our hearts just like our tigers. It’s time to pamper ourselves. It’s time to rejuvenate our lives. I have decided to smile more often. It’s the easiest option for me to choose. I vehemently support this campaign because I believe in this. Tonight I have written whatever my heart spoke. Is my article good? May be it’s another piece of fluff but I request everybody to take the pledge today for protecting your hearts from deadly heart diseases that is spreading like a wild fire throughout the world. So, just listen to your inner voice and do something for your heart today.

Don’t forget to tell me about your pledge. I am waiting. 

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Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Some Not-So Great Ideas for Losing Weight

Calories! Well, people nowadays are too much conscious about their health. They are hitting the gym, taking up power yoga, cycling and what not for shedding those unwanted fat from their body. Almost all fitness magazines have a column for weight loss. People are almost going crazy for attaining that perfect body for feeling good.

Obesity is becoming a curse for the present generation. Junk foods, mindless nibbling, stress, depression and lack of sexual activities lead to weight gain. Sometimes it’s hereditary. I am not an expert but I do feel that looking good and healthy is becoming important now in order to get requisite attention from people around you.

I have some not-so great ideas for people who desperately want to lose weight within a month and I bet they work.

Top 5 ideas for losing fat from the comfort of home

Listen to rock music: Yes, if you are not a great fan of rock then you should better start listening and do some serious head banging. Jump around your living room for burning those calories. You will feel thirsty after doing these for sure. So, keep drinking water through out. Water keeps your digestive tract dirt-free that will consequently accentuate your overall health.

Red wine: Do you know why French people are so fit? Yes, they take red wine daily. Wine contains Resveratrol that not only boost your metabolism but also rejuvenates your heart. Regular wine intake also keeps you young. It’s the famous French Paradox. They live longer compared to Americans, Indians and others.

Sleep: Well, I know it’s difficult to sleep when we have so many things to do in a day. We are fast changing into insomniacs, which is of course affecting our health at large. We stay awake for completing our blog posts, we need time for updating our facebook status, and we hardly get time to sleep. We sleep in our paid hours. So in order to lose weight - sleep early. I know it’s difficult but if you want to shed those ugly pounds that you just have to sleep more.

Have Sex: There’s nothing like sexercise for sure. Keep the foreplay little longer for burning more calories. Kiss more for discarding that double chin. I know, it’s difficult to perform this activity if you are single. Therefore, you have to try other options for flaunting your dream body. Hitting the gym is passe; it’s time for intelligent weight loss. Have a balanced smoke diet. Don’t forget to follow all the famous positions for completing your mission.

Stay busy: Laziness is a curse. You should never stay idle. Give a long disconnected speech. Laugh like a mad man. Laughing is good for your heart. It increases your blood circulation that consequently revives your overall health.

Follow these tips for staying gorgeous throughout your life. Well, these are only my viewpoints.

What’s yours?

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Emotional Meltdown – Tale about Love, Life and Recession

How everything changed after September 2008? Karen’s life was free. He was known for his perpetual smile in his neighbourhood. His life was full of movement. He had friends around him always but nothing good last forever. He walks alone like a dead man in this cacophonous world now. He eats noodles at night; he sees nightmares and talks with himself sometimes.

He wears worn out clothes and tattered shoes. He no more dreams. All his expectations were taken away from him. The ugly wind of recession made him a self made moron. Karen was never so lonely like he is now. He lost his self confidence, he lost everything. The broken mirror in his room exudes nothing but pain. He is invisible now…

His existence is nothing but a burden for everyone. Karen’s life is no more flowery. All his skills faded away with time. Tonight Karen is silent. Tonight he isn’t even talking to himself…

Recession came as a shocker to everybody. The urban population in almost every part of the world got affected and Karen is no exception. There are thousands and millions of such Karen today. The hangover is fatal and almost everyone is its victim.

The unpredictable waft of wind made Karen a mannequin. He is still living with the shadows. There is great melancholy everywhere. There is a sense of insecurity now unlike our past. We have to perform everyday otherwise we are out of the race. We are just nothing. There are so many rules to follow, there are so less of life. People say recession is over but people like Karen is still struggling to recover from the tragedy.

The Satan is dancing vehemently everywhere. The beauty of life is losing its sheen. The narcissism is rising. It’s definitely not the era of experimentation. The world disregards people like Karen now because he is a dreamer. You have to be practical now for survival. You have to slog like a dog. Your exhaustion can bring rise otherwise you will be dumped and forgotten.

Why there’s so much desperation everywhere? Why everyone is moving at the speed of light? Why everyone is cribbing? Why the world is fast changing into a pot of gloom? We have no answers. We are just moving on with the flow. We are all labors working for our daily wage. We have no soul; we are powered by batteries that need constant charging. There’s no room for people like Karen. We miss our salad days. We miss our care free existence. The killing suffocation around makes us quiver at the middle of the night. Everything depends upon Now. Recession brought pain to everyone’s life. Everyone fell from the cliff with a loud thud.

Karen is waiting for that silver lining, he is still dreaming. He is walking the same aisles without any expectation. He is waiting for a miracle; he is still waiting for that eternal sunshine…
But the shadows of crisis still linger on…


Saturday, July 03, 2010

Melodies of Night, Symphonies of Desire and You

The wind around is caressing me with open arms. It’s whispering about love, life and you. The moon is peeping through my windowpane, it’s gazing at me endlessly, and the stars are shining bright. The aura is exuding poetry. My senses are awake tonight. The walls are looking bright and the gloom is away for a while. You are with me tonight; you are kissing my dried lips so vehemently, you are just making me crazy. The night is becoming more pleasurable with your company.

The nightingales are singing with delight. The lilies are dancing in harmony and the world is smiling at me. Some nights are lonely; some nights are full of fright but tonight its bliss. I am no more running behind those fleeting shadows, I am no more climbing those puzzling staircases, and I am just enjoying the soft arms around me. The fragrance of your hair, the sweetness of your benevolent smile is stimulating the four walls of my heart to pump so heavily. There are moments of pain, there are times of happiness and then there those symphonies of ecstasy. I am no more walking with the dead, I am no more building sand castles, tonight everything is real, tonight everything is just perfect…

There is silence now; there are no symphonies, suddenly the moonshine faded away from my galaxy. I am again amid melancholy. You are gone now; you’ve taken away my soul to a distant land. The sky looks green now, the moon looks dark and the sunshine looks ugly without your company. I was so very comfortable with you, I saw the world in your eyes but you ditched me and ran away with someone else and I am still cursing the dark.

Your coffin is floating in my dreams, your eyes are shut. Yet, I am craving for those moments of my life when we were together, when we both cried for each other, when we dreamed of traveling the whole world together…

Dear Miss Cherry, I miss you tonight in your first death anniversary…


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Friday, July 02, 2010

All about Men and Their Fantasies

All men are born with a heart that throbs for someone genuinely many times unlike women. They have the power to move ahead after a disastrous relationship. However, there are exceptions everywhere.

First love! Men at large are polygamous in nature. Yet, he can never forget his first love throughout life. He keeps mentioning about those past romantic tales to everyone even to his wife.

Men love appreciation (genuine one). They need constant motivation to move ahead. They look happiest after making love. They often sing their favourite song after conducting the most pleasurable thing on earth.

Men love gadgets, music and girls with bigger, rounded butts. They are born lovers. Yet, some men are too shy to express their feelings openly that leads to depression and drugs.

There are various categories of men:

1.    Cream: These men are very hard to get. They are mostly found in high end pubs. They like exotic things. That can be wine, women or cars. These men are rich, good looking and very suave. They have a very unique taste. They are superficial at large.

2.    Bread: These men love to fly. They love adventure, biking, scuba diving, rock climbing etc. These men are very good in bed as they are athletic and full of toned flesh.

3.    Ice: They look lost, they are often found with i-pods. They love hanging out with friends. They are hip. They wear trendy shoes. They love partying a lot. They are very honest with their friends.

4.    Honey: They are sweet. They always carry sugar in their mouth. These men love women. Yet, they are not so popular among the opposite sex and they score low in action. These men are actually not bad.

5.    Hot Chocolate: They believe in limited talk and more action. They are passionate lovers and are extremely good performers in bed. Their partners admire their skills. They love experimenting with things. These men are serious yet cool. They know the art of seducing anyone, anytime. They may not be good-looking but their unique charm can create mayhem in any women’s life. They are the hottest among the herd. They are sensitive and intelligent. They love reading, writing and performing. They may be little selfish while achieving their goal. Yet, they know the art of keeping the balance between work and life.

Well, there are various other kinds too. Every one is unique. If you are a man and reading this, the above list can give you a vague idea about your personality. Choose your category. If you are a woman, then you can easily identify the best and most admirable group. Please leave your replies as I am waiting eagerly for your comments.