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Pray for Japan

The earth quivered, human lives were taken away, many dreams, many emotions were erased from the face of the world. The unpredictable Mother Nature once again played a heinous joke. The destruction shook the entire earth. Thousands of people are still missing; the lights are slowly turning into darkness. People from every parts of world are praying for Japan. Sometimes everything happens so quickly that we never get time to react, we just feel a void. The videos shown in the Youtube channels are giving all of us goose bumps. 

The monstrous waves are showing no mercy, it’s just moving endlessly killing people who worked so hard to create those living places. The world is grieving tonight. No matter where we are, we could feel the tragedy; we could feel the pain of losing your loved ones suddenly. We are praying, we are just praying for light. We hope to see the tempest stop; we no more want the waves to destroy our beautiful world. Tonight, we are praying for Japan, tonight we are praying for the world. We hope to see that bright sunshine again, we no more want to see the ugly waves hitting the innocent shores…


  1. i m too shocked to see the videos on youtube... still shivering... thanking the God that im not in Japan.. i would have died of heart-attack even if I would have been in the safest place.

  2. We should Pray for Life and Peace.....people who have lost their dear ones may God give them the immense strength.

  3. instead of just being sad about the disastrous happening which it truly was, we should also see the bright part. Thanks to the government and well planned out buildings and engineering that many survived. had it been here everything would have been washed off!

  4. Anonymous5:32 AM

    Nice thought! Japan has gone through a terrible devastating earthquaqe and tsunami. Let us pray that mother natures fury has calmed down and that Japan is able to get back to normal as soon as possible