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Nightmares Are Never Colourful – Imagine Your Dreams in Colours…


Nightmares are never colourful; you see no green, no blue, no beige, and no red together in your dreams. The world inside a dream is completely different, somewhat hazy, unclear and puzzling. You never realise it to be a dream till you wake up from your stupor. The lights and places seen your dream landscape are often mixture of some unacknowledged colours. Trains cruising through the greyish sky, cars flying, it’s difficult to trace their colours. They are often fuzzy and intriguing. It’s a painstaking process to remember your dreams unless they are recurring.

Dreams always fascinated me, I am no dream reader but I love to arrest my dreams and scribble the disconnected events in the notepad. Those afternoon, early morning and late night dreams keep me occupied and I love to manipulate my lucid dreams. Your subconscious thoughts take flight; you see faces of strangers that the retina captures in your day to day life. The uncanny nature of your dreams makes you crazy. You feel relaxed and relieved after an agonizing nightmare. All pain vanishes; all shadows leave you with the morning sunshine. Some dreams make you realise the existence of a person in your life that you never gave importance, some dreams teaches you the art of finding a treasure, some dreams just gives you wings to fly.
Imagine Your Dreams in Colours…

Envisage dewdrops, grasslands, flying mountains, those pictures in your dreams in colours. Try translating that nightmare into a beautiful dream. Smell the fragrance of your loved one, try to paint the surreal landscape with happy colours.

Recovering from pain takes time, the colourless sky in your galaxy no more stays the same, things change and you see those forgotten colours again. Life’s beautiful; it looks best with true shades. A black and white picture may look great, a sepia tinted magazine cover may look chic but life without colours is never fashionable. Let’s add some happiness, let’s design our own little universe, let’s try to fly with colours once again...

This is my entry for HP Laserjet Take Flight With Colour contest organized by Indiblogger.in

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  1. You have written it so well. Lovely!

  2. Pallav, a beautiful post from you.. 'Dreams are always special'.. Good luck.. and will my life be colourful ?

    Someone is Special

  3. Dreams give colours to life....if there are no dreams there are no colours in life...life keeps moving on and it all remains the same...but when we dream, we love to see them in colours, there are colours of hope, faith, certainty n contentment...every colour has its own meaning...life without dreams is nothing but empty....life with dreams is beautiful..
    so is your post its colourful n beautiful....have happy colours you have blended soothing shades in the end....loved your ending

  4. Absolutely loved this post and i enjoyed reading your blog!! You have an interesting flair.. :)

  5. Really nice work. Hope you keep writing.