Rejection Phobia - A Typical Male Syndrome

Blind dates, long distance affairs, telephonic relations, pen friends, childhood crushes and a typical male behind them all! Everyone is unique, every man is different. Yet, the fear of rejection always lurks like an inevitable shadow around an urban man. So, let’s find out more about this typical male syndrome.

Ex Girlfriends, Ghosts and That Secret Potion of Desire

Sweet melodies of yesteryears often soothe his soul. Confused past, hazy memoirs and long drives in his father’s old gypsy illuminates his apartment. The shadows of his ex girlfriends keep haunting him. Those larger than life greeting cards, those soft toys, those bracelets, those watches, those letters are locked inside his closet. Time changes, feelings evolve, old friends reunites. The air never remains the same.

How to Tweet Like Jim Morrison

Microblogging! The new addition to the content hungry universe is making everyone bit crazy. Some people are investing hefty sum of money to gain followers, some folks tweeting extra sensible quotes, some individuals trying to be little humorous, the celebrities gaining millions of followers overnight and some people are still dazed. They retweet, copy paste some old quotations, sometimes news and views and most of the times they just keep gazing at the time line without having any words to write.

Bedroom Story - What Indian Women Want In Bed?

Indian women are flawless, intelligent and wild in bed. They know the art of taming a wild stallion, they knows the magic of weaving a satisfying tale. Everyone is unique and every girl has their priorities.

Winter Loneliness - Why Loneliness is Ecstatic?

The music of David Gilmour (On an Island) is creating a dreamlike ambience; the loner is busy writing his chronicle in his studio apartment, he is capturing the ecstasy of being lonely in an overcrowded city. He is mutely inhaling the drifting joy and the lingering silence, he is growing from within, he is catching the stars, and he is alive…

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Friday, May 20, 2011

Silk And The Moonlight - What Does Real Beauty Mean To You?


Beauty is something that not only stimulates your heart but also your mind. We hardly forget the first sight of that beautiful girl of our school, we never forget the first touch of a gorgeous woman, and we hardly forget the joy of spending time with a good-looking girl. Things keep changing and the meaning of beauty evolves. The new leaf no more stays green, the freshness disappears, things become ugly and eventually the beauty dies in oblivion.

When I try to recollect the moments from my past, I see many faces, many nuances. I see people with all shapes and sizes but only the beautiful and most attractive people hovers around my mind. May be that Beautiful Mind I am talking about.

Physical beauty undoubtedly attracts everyone and we love to spend time with good looking people. Physical beauty isn’t timeless but the time we spend with a real beauty is definitely eternal. Everyone wants his or her partner to look nice. It would be sheer hypocrisy if I say physical beauty doesn’t matter to me but there are always exceptions.

Things change and our perception takes a different route altogether. We no more dwell in the land of fairytales. We forget the glimpse of elves and angels from our dreams. We see ugly people with beautiful masks.

What is real beauty? If I say I find intelligence attractive, if I say people with honest smiles are amazingly striking than a high heeled blonde, if I say the country side girl riding a bicycle defines the virginal beauty, if I say Real beauty is nothing but a myth – People won’t find my words meaningful and trash them as gibberish and tangent however the search for finding the true beauty will never end. Beauty will take new forms; will touch you in various different ways.

The hot sun makes your skin perspire, the stress and every day chaos takes away all your charm. You keep staring at the mirror but you never get back your lost smile. You won’t stay young and beautiful forever, you won’t be conquering the stratosphere every time, you won’t epitomise the lustre and harmony, you are destined to fade, you are destined to lose your beautiful body, beautiful eyes, beautiful silk but a beautiful mind would dazzle in crisis. Her skin would never fade, her words would never die, and she is meant to stay for a long long time.

Real beauty is stirring it is not fake, it is natural and unaware of itself. Real beauty is something that will spread like perfume with time. Real beauty is something much more than nice features and a slim waistline, real beauty won’t die in oblivion, real beauty will inspire you to live one more time….

Real beauty may be awfully ugly but what is ugliness? Real beauty may be voluptuous; may be skinny, may be extremely intelligent, the idea of real beauty is vague still I think a beautiful person knows the art of perfect balance. Real beauty is a feeling, a blissfully eternal thought…

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Sunday, May 15, 2011

The Weird Romance of a Solitary Poet…

The boredom, the cacophony, the voluptuous muse, the rudimentary life, the symphonies of a lazy singer, the chance, the telepathy, the inability to come out of fantasy and the never ending delusion keeps the poet aloof from the maddening crowd.

The forgotten wings, that unhappy prose, restlessness and the eternal chaos passionately subdue his whims and fancies. He struggles, he quivers, and he fails to satiate his unending desire.

Afternoon Lullaby

Suddenly someone stimulates the poet. She satiates his broken desire. She makes him fine. The inspiration to live comes from her, he begins to fly, fly and fly.

The Moon less Night

The clueless poet drifts from one corner to another. He is accustomed to distractions, he writes meaningless progressions, and he is no attraction.

The Lost Vocabulary

The poet loses words, he forgets to write. He becomes numb, sees no hope to survive.

The Lonely Smile

The mirror hates the poet. The smile looks ugly. The poet is somewhat crazy; nobody loves him except the beautiful moon. She sends him unlimited kisses, she makes him feel important, she makes him laugh, and she praises his lonely smile…

The Beauty

The lonely poet finds bliss in her bosom, he dreams about the chariot and the moon floating through the endless sky. She kisses the poet, kisses him vehemently, kisses him till the end of the night, throughout the bright sunny days, she takes him away from the chaos.

The Beginning

The poet wakes up with the beautiful dream, scribbles his thoughts in the morn, gazes at the mirror, and gets back his lost smile…

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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Poetry, Quotes and 140 Characters…

  • You are my drug, you are my throbbing heart. you are more than a poem, those unspoken lines between my poetry is you.

  • I don't hate you, I don't love you, I worship you, I like the very thought of loving you once...

  • Afternoon is the best time to write something reasonable without any trance, simple straightforward pieces of prose without any metaphors.

  • I have read somewhere that singledom is the cause of major crimes. PS: I am no bookworm.

  • If you think I am just a shadow, you aren't making a mistake. If you think I am insane, you are definitely making one.

  • Slowly the more than half moon tonight is moving towards me, it's singing the forgotten lullaby, haze fading, tranquility descending.

  • Midnight is my time, I howl, I crawl, I create dreams, I see light, I see you, I see your smile, I hear your voice, sometimes I do try...

  • Tonight the moon won't hide behind the clouds, tonight the rain drops won't leave your closet, tonight every tree will spread its branches.

  • Twitter is full of unpublished Romeos.

  • The maze is giving me sleepless nights but I would never deny the charm. Your fleeting shadow won't torture me. It’ll rejuvenate my ecstasy.

  • I flew like a bird, the moment you called my name. I broke into pieces the moment you called out another name...

  • Loneliness is a curse. It pushes the Satan inside you. It takes away all your sanity and eventually you become whimsical.

  • Boredom isn't bliss. It's a tragedy. It devastates you. It makes you a poet.

  • The hot sun is making me restless. I want to decipher the silence before my name fades away from your lips. Why the hot sun is so silent?

  • Addiction. Devastation. Restlessness. Wait. No Reply. Pain. Wait. Reply. Smile. Regularity. Fall. Rise. Fly again. Don't fall. Just pause.

  • I miss my miss and that half asleep evening kiss. I miss my miss and her soft lips. I miss my miss and her smiley tweets.

  • The clouds. The sun. The afternoon. The morning glow. The mess. The shine. the name. The glow. The after glow.

  • I am not from a Victorian era. I am here, I love this contemporary era.

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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

I Want To Fly With You…

You gave me wings to fly
You made me smile in between those ruthless nights
You gave me wings
Those wings to fly…

You stimulate my broken desires
You make me take those long deep breaths.
The moment I remember your slant smile,
I quiver, I smile, I walk with delight

I am no poet, I am no lover,
I am just a worshipper
I worship love, I need love
I worship you, I need you…

Don’t close your doors
The clueless traveller wants your corridor.
Don’t forget my words
The worshipper would die of aloofness…

Don’t make me crazy
Don’t make me crawl
Don’t make me cry
Don’t take away my wings of desire
I want to fly with you, fly with you…

Image Credit : nogoodforme.filmstills                                                                                                                                            

Sunday, May 01, 2011

This Is No Cinderella Story

This is no Cinderella story, this is no different romance but there’s definitely an element of magic. That first young spark, that first acceptance, that whimsical journey through the dreamy aisle would inspire every girl to think about castles, horses, and that Prince Charming. Amid chaos, amid so many distractions, amid so much beauty, amid so much ugliness, every girl dreams of wearing her wedding gown. Waiting for magic to happen but little magic we do see in our lives but we definitely see it once. Miracles do happen that’s when we see floating gardens, flying mountains and whispering trees.

The story of William and Kate inspires the new generation because there’s that element of magic. There’s that element of hope. How an ordinary girl finds her Prince Charming? The spark between them nearly fascinated every young and young at hearts. People cried after watching the regal wedding because it’s no ordinary tale. It’s the journey of a commoner to the Royal Palace. Kate Middleton represents every young girl who believes in fairytales, she epitomizes hope, she is just another girl who did everything to keep their relationship stable amid so many distractions. She kept the hope inside her alive although thinking of marriage with a real life Prince wasn’t reasonable. Kate and William took vows almost after 8 years since their first sight. The Royal wedding became a world event and everyone became the audience. It was nothing less than a fairytale…

Some moments in life do leave a mark in the sands of time; some moments in life makes you quiver in fright and some moments vehemently takes you away for a while. Witnessing the Royal Wedding wasn’t less than reading those Literature books, those Victorian poems…

The journey from those clandestine meetings to their first public kiss is something every writer would love to narrate; every musician would love to compose. The wedding was like a fairytale because it’s not only about Royal families; it’s not only about big fat wedding rather it’s all about every girl’s dream to find her inner princess, it’s all about finding her very own Prince charming…

There are always exceptions, there are variations of thoughts, there are people with Gamophobia and many of you may not like this because it may sound unreal and you have a choice to disregard this as another fluffy tale.

It may not be a Royal wedding but it's surely a fairy tale when you find your special someone...