Rejection Phobia - A Typical Male Syndrome

Blind dates, long distance affairs, telephonic relations, pen friends, childhood crushes and a typical male behind them all! Everyone is unique, every man is different. Yet, the fear of rejection always lurks like an inevitable shadow around an urban man. So, let’s find out more about this typical male syndrome.

Ex Girlfriends, Ghosts and That Secret Potion of Desire

Sweet melodies of yesteryears often soothe his soul. Confused past, hazy memoirs and long drives in his father’s old gypsy illuminates his apartment. The shadows of his ex girlfriends keep haunting him. Those larger than life greeting cards, those soft toys, those bracelets, those watches, those letters are locked inside his closet. Time changes, feelings evolve, old friends reunites. The air never remains the same.

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Thursday, September 06, 2012

The Whimsical Melbourne

Melbourne will charm you, tempt you and make you sound like a hopeless poet…

There’s something magical floating over the dreamy sky of Melbourne, something endearing about the laneways, something mysterious about the underground graffiti created my anonymous artists. Melbourne is surely created with sheer flamboyance, style and passion. The city of lights, festivals and live music has abundant leg room for everyone. There’s so much to do, there’s so many avenues to get that most awaited redemption. 

It’s not only about sipping a cup of Italian coffee amid fashionistas, it’s not only about taking a hot air ballooning flight over the whole place, it’s not only about the mesmerizing penguin parade, Melbourne is all about the new age renaissance, which is spreading like a relaxing smoke all around. It’s a safe haven for people looking for splendid cityscape, a river to soothe your mind and dingy alleys to flaunt your romantic whims. 


From gothic hairdressers to punk rock, from the art of vandalism to Moomba festival, from holy cow chai to Italian cappuccino, from haute couture to aussie rules football, Melbourne has it all. There’s a Chinatown, there’s Yarra River, there’s Shrine of Remembrance, there are places to cut loose and enjoy.  Thinking of Melbourne inspires my inner self to feel the place. After much introspection, my mind utters, it’s your time to visit Melbourne NOW! It’s your time to witness this amazing marvel that has history, fables and new age luxury to offer one and all. 

Penguin Parade

I want to take a walk through the secret alleys, want to fly over, want to dance, want to feel the Melbourne air with utter ease. I want to take a Harley Davidson ride, want to attend rock festivals, I want to gulp Australian beer and feel the place from my heart. I want to do cycling and keep gorging on picnic barbeques and yummy macaroons, spend a night under the moon lit sky in those multi-hued boathouses.  I want to visit the Federation Square  and take a free tram trip with running commentary as a bonus; I don’t need time to rest as I am all so curious to decipher the exquisiteness of this place. I want to roam around like a perfect stranger without any map to guide my ways. It’s fun to stumble upon random places just before reaching your destination. 

St. Kilda Pier

I would like to visit Brunswick Street Book Shop to stimulate my love for books, shop in the Bourke Street Mall and Chapel Street Bazaar, and go to the Melbourne zoo to see the exotic Kangaroos, brush tailed rock wallaby, seals and kookaburras. If it rains, I will be taking no umbrella; will just run with open arms and click photographs of the drenched city lanes. After the sun goes down, I will attend live jazz performances in the city bar and indulge myself in alfresco dining.  It would be awesome if I can see a flash mob dance as Melbourne is known for this. Whenever I think about Melbourne, I visualize flickering tall buildings, I see people enjoying sports, I see fun all around. The beautiful Melburnians surely knows the art of living. Do you know about Latte art? Yes! Melbourne baristas surely know their job to add that extra design to that regular cup of coffee. Latte art is quite popular thing in Melbourne. The cosmopolitan Melbourne also has a Jewish Museum that exhibits Jewish history and Australian Jewish culture. I will also visit Melbourne jail for learning the art of hanging. Not to forget St Kilda Pier for the evening nirvana. 

Secret Alleys

The diversity of this place makes me smile. I could see humanity flourishing in harmony amid the tranquillity of the urban cityscapes. The openness beckons my soul to explore every facets of Melbourne. I want to come back with some life time memories. I want to get soaked into my dreams and tell stories about my visit to my grand children. I want to write about the architecture, aboriginal art and the music scene, which is just so awe-inspiring for any traveller. The very idea called “Melbourne” tempts me, touches me and makes me whimsically numb. Melbourne floats in front of my eyes just like an everlasting dream…

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