Rejection Phobia - A Typical Male Syndrome

Blind dates, long distance affairs, telephonic relations, pen friends, childhood crushes and a typical male behind them all! Everyone is unique, every man is different. Yet, the fear of rejection always lurks like an inevitable shadow around an urban man. So, let’s find out more about this typical male syndrome.

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Friday, February 26, 2016

On Breaking Gender Roles: What If Indian Women Start Proposing Men on Leap Day?

Girl proposing a guy on Leap Day

Why it's only men when it comes to proposing? Why not women? Indian women are doing extremely well and they are in no way inferior than their male counterparts still when it comes to proposals, it’s only men who have go down their knees and propose for marriage and relationship. Indian women are equally expressive about their relationship now unlike yesteryears but they still need that approval from men to go ahead for making that decision for marriage. Will you marry me, the quintessential man goes down on his knees and presents that ring of desire and the girl approves or rejects the offer. This is a very common romantic situation. What if situations change and just like the age old European custom of women proposing men on Leap Day (i.e 29th Feb) become a reality in India?

 Some people may declare this custom as sheer non-sense but suppose people start celebrating this day just like the Valentine's Day. Will Leap Day lure the whims and fancies of lovebirds in India? Love is a peaceful and the most desired emotion but there is always a fear of rejection associated in this activity. There's too much of expectations involved in a relationship hence one should consider lucky if somebody proposes you to be his/her partner for life. Leap Day may open up enough opportunities for those women who are still unable to make their wedding plans due to non-proposal by their partners. It can be another day of excitement for men in India who may get the best surprise of their lifetime, a proposal from their crush. Celebrating Leap Day will also give Indian woman a chance to express their love.

The sale of rings for men will go up for sure. With the advent of social media, the PDA took a giant leap. Leap Day will be seen as another outlet for Indian women to announce their love by putting up proposal pictures on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. On the other side, those lucky men will be envied the most by his friends for getting such proposals. Since, leap year comes once in 4 years, it will be a memorable day for both the partners and they can narrate the tale to their grandchildren if the relationship survives. But will it happen in India or Indian woman will still take the conventional route of waiting for the man to propose first.

Things are changing very fast and everything is becoming just a matter of convenience. Relationship is also based on convenience, that day is no far when Indian women will no more wait for someone to propose them, they will surely take the unconventional route of making the first move without the intervention of a third person. There are many instances of women proposing men in today's time but such stories are very rare. Only few lucky men are enjoying women attention while most of them are still chasing mirages and sulking on Valentine's Day. Leap Day will surely be taken up by Indian women slowly as they are equally confident now to take that position where men use to be in ancient years. There's no harm in this because if you don't make your decision now, you may lose that grand opportunity. Breaking gender roles and stereotypes is no crime as there are no rules in the game of love and relationship, it's the only thing empowered by the heart complimented by a sound mind. So, go ahead and let your love get that due recognition this Leap Day or else wait for 4 more years to get this chance again!
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Friday, February 19, 2016

Why Yoga Pants are More Popular than Bikinis and Wonderbras in India?

Yoga Pants
As I have written earlier why Indian women don't wear Bikini and how wonderbras are hogging all the limelight. Now it's time for Yoga Pants which is helping Indian women to increase their oomph factor like never before. The world is crazy about butts. However the impact of Butt fixation is not only restricted to men. Yoga pants are comfortable to wear and one of the best things to carry during workouts and day to day activities but still few countries don't allow school girls to wear them. In India, forget about Bikinis, wearing short skirts may cause eyeballs to rotate, the popularity of yoga pants are increasing every day. From young girls to middle aged women, everyone loves to wear yoga pants.  Women in India mostly wear Yoga Pants during workouts. Unlike Bikini, you can wear Yoga Pants everywhere. Indian women are curvaceous and they exude immense beauty hence they don't require Bikini or wonderbras to accentuate their assets. So let’s discuss some of the few reasons why Yoga Pants are more popular wear in India.

1. Flexibility: One of the best features of Yoga Pants is its flexibility. It helps you to perform workouts with full ease without a fear of wear and tear.

2. Enhancement: It enhances your overall backside and makes it look toned. Most girls who workouts like to flaunt and Yoga Pants give them full freedom to do it with pride.

3. Versatility: Unlike Bikinis which can be only worn at the beaches, you can wear Yoga pants everywhere. From attending a fitness seminar to clubbing, from shopping to walking in neighborhood park, Yoga pants goes well in every situation.

4. Fitness Freak: Wearing Yoga Pants give onlookers an idea about how fitness conscious you are in real life. It goes well with Kurta as well as with tees.

5. Trendy: From Kim Kardashian to Paris Hilton, almost every celebrity is flaunting Yoga Pants and making a great fashion statement.

6. Belfies: Some of the best butt selfies can be clicked wearing Yoga Pants because it appropriately accentuates your back side.

7. No vulgarity: Nobody considers Yoga Pants vulgar thus it makes the best choice for Indian women.

8. Driving: Wearing Yoga Pants are considered comfortable while driving too.

9. Yoga: Best known for performing Yoga with ease, Yoga Pants is the preferred dress code for this activity.

These are only my views and if you have any suggestions or points to make about this, you can go ahead and write in the comment section. Indian women are beautiful and they don't actually require any external factor to make them attractive. They look extremely good in saree as well as in western outfit. It's only about looking good and wearing Yoga Pants is all about choice. Every woman is unique and it's their own choice to wear or not to wear however the increasing popularity of Yoga Pants are only telling that Indian women are definitely getting some results for good.

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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Top 10 Reasons to Marry a Blogger

Blogger & Writer
After writing about dating a blogger to how good bloggers are in bed, it's time to let the world know about the qualities bloggers possess in satiating the whims and fancies of his/her partner. Bloggers are socially challenged but emotionally active, they are like Adam Raki from the movie Adam. They may feel awkward in a public gathering between voguish people but they are always on a hunt for an interesting story. People hardly understand their passion for writing about things that people don't relate to or read so much about. It's difficult to convince the non-bloggers about the benefits however things are now changing for good. Let's discuss the pros and cons of marrying a blogger.

1. Expressive: Bloggers are expressive and they love to describe every moment in their life with full zest. They are good with words hence they are loved by their partners. They are hardly distracted by normal life because they are big thinkers who discuss ideas not people however they can be extremely good gossip mongers and paparazzi. Not a great quality though yet sounds exciting!

2. Free Passes: Bloggers are mad people passionate about crazy things. From reviewing dating apps to writing about love and relationships, they are the ones whose opinion matters for customers looking for buying something online. They have the ability to spread good words about a product and a brand they care about. Bloggers do feel the responsibility to spread honest opinions about things they love. Hence, their partners don't have to worry about free passes that they receive in return.

3. Storytellers: Bloggers are good story tellers hence their partners do have a great guy/girl around them who can help them in spending the whole night in an abandoned waiting room without feeling bored.

4. Understanding: Bloggers understand how busy their partners are. They would write about their partner's struggle, they would write about how good he or she with their skills, hence the partners of bloggers are always envied by friends and family.

5. Critics: You don't have to worry about watching a great movie if you marry a blogger, movie reviews are at their fingertips hence you are destined to watch the best movies with them.

6. Travellers: Bloggers do love to travel and explore the world. They are basically free people who like to do extreme stuff. In their free times, they would take you to places you have never heard of. They are very good at breaking stereotypes.

7. Party animals: Most bloggers are party animals; they love to party a lot with selected bunch of people who understands their madness. Although they are socially not so active, they are often found in pubs and bistros.

8. Fantastico: They are fantastic people who will always praise you for your hard work. Sometimes they will also try to give some constructive comments but in reality all bloggers love innovation in any form.

9. Public Display of Affection: Too much PDA is expected from a blogger because they love to flaunt. They won't let you down in bringing happiness to your life by showering the best words on special occasions.

10. Hopeless Romantic: They live in an illusionary world and utopia is what they prefer. They won't settle for a normal relationship. They are usually appreciated by their partners for what they are.

In order to marry a blogger, you have to be prepare yourself to feel the roller-coaster ride. They are sensitive enough to read your mind and will always give you the best days of your life. Always be by their side because you are the selected one to be the partner of a blogger. It's not easy to live with a blogger but it's not that bad too. Embrace the new way of life, embrace their tantrums, give them little space and you are there flying among the angels in the city of dreams. I wrote this because most people think bloggers are narcissist and they are not so concerned about others at large. The fact is, they are always there for people whom they love and admire.  They are non-judgmental beings! Thank you for being my partner – These words always reverberates in a blogger’s mind because they know how different they are.

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Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Are Bloggers Good in Bed?

Bloggers in Bed
The evolution of mankind is producing newer human species; the impact of technology is so huge that human beings are no more same. The classification is based on their way of thinking and the ability to act towards a situation. From Gamers to Bikers, from Entrepreneurs to Dating Couches, from Motivational Gurus to Bloggers - Human beings are now known from their new age interest and passion. They are shaped accordingly and every new category of people has unique powers, I would called the modern super powers to make a difference and change the world with unexpected gift from technology and inheritance. Blogging, a fresh genre of writing which started few years back is now a way of life for many people. Blogging gave them those wings to fly in the undeciphered horizon which was earlier frequented by only selected media people from the mainstream newspapers and television. Blogging is no more a pastime; it's a serious activity happening round the globe. From micro-blogging to traditional blogging, Internet became a melting pot of ideas, entertainment, love and lust and therefore the bloggers are now a selected bunch of people with enormous hidden powers. From online journal to mainstream mouthpiece, blogging is no more a loner's paradise hence the importance of bloggers is no less in the digitally empowered world. 

After introducing and glorifying the blogging community, it's time to tell you the true facts of bloggers and their performance in bed. Bloggers are people who constantly search for new ideas for production of epic content. They are always on a hunt for deciphering the small nuances of life to showcase before the world. They love admiration coming in any form but how good they are in reality is the question. They may sound extremely fashionable in the virtual world but in reality they may not be that gorgeous. They are people who think a lot which makes them hopeless intellectuals trying to make a point on every topic. Well, these are few thoughts that the outside world thinks about bloggers at large but the reality is completely different.

Bloggers are passionate beings and they are extremely good at what they do. Due to their extremely busy life of thinking and curating, they are not distracted by superficial things which eventually enhance their reservoirs for passion. They know how to act and satisfy their partner and the experience comes from the variety of reading and writing work they do daily. They can create magic in bed with unconventional methods. The element of surprise plays a major role in a blogger's life hence they practice that unpredictability in bed with their partners. Lasting long is just like writing long write-ups without a pause and bloggers are experts in taking the journey towards a satisfying climax. Bloggers practice fantasies hence the impact they create on their partners last for a long time. Bloggers are not just good bed, they are extremely brilliant. They may start slow but they know how to end it with panache. Due to too much reading and thinking, bloggers are naturally fond of partners who equally reciprocate and give them the most memorable experience but they don't expect much because performances may differ due to various factors but enjoying the moment is what makes it unforgettable. Next time you date a blogger, don't say anything, just feel the ecstasy and create memories for lifetime.

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Monday, February 15, 2016

Why Most Indian Women Want Someone To Get Attracted Towards Her?

Attracting Woman by kissing hand
In the middle of a mundane life, when everything just becomes a ritual, woman just like man wants a partner who appreciates her skills, compliments her often and takes her for dates. The busy urban society, the ruthless traffic jams, the pressure of reaching targets, high hopes and the itch to make a difference makes your life sad. In order to revive the lust, woman in India wants someone who can fulfill her whims and fancies and take her for an exciting ride. The dust of time makes everyone a victim and slowly the want for looking good and impressing someone fades away into oblivion. The need becomes different and everyday work becomes a duty. The loneliness increases and the passion of yesteryears just take a back seat. The most dreaded mid life crisis knocks her door, which seriously makes her funny and desperate to grab attention.

People start doing things that they must have done earlier but due to work and family, they couldn’t do it. Women in India are family centric, no matter how independent they are, their first priority is always family hence they get trapped in the household chores, in the whole process, they lose their skills. Suddenly, a waft of realization hits them hard and they want to explore the world at large. An unpredicted compliment can change their life. Indian women are beautiful but no appraisal makes them unhappy. An unpredicted compliment can make them rise from their ashes. She needs someone to get attracted to her. In her silent fantasies, she lust after a man who show interest. The impact of compliments surely plays a major role to motivate her and start things afresh.

Ankita, a 36 year old housewife living in the posh area of GK, she left her job few years ago before the birth of Rohan, her son. Now Rohan is big enough to go to school alone and Ankita now feels lonely because she stays at her home and have nothing to do except watching TV and cooking food. She feels the urge to start her career. A feeling of boredom settles down in her kingdom. One day, Ankita meets Joe at a party and Joe without any hidden intention compliments her. Ankita after ages got that very compliment about her smile and hair that she was so used to in her college days and suddenly felt the need to spruce up her life. That very compliment from Joe actually changed her life. Ankita started browsing fashion magazines to enhance her appearance. She became much more attractive than before. That very compliment actually gave Ankita a reason to start her own Fashion boutique. Now Ankita is a successful entrepreneur. There are thousands of Indian women like Ankita who is still trapped between boredom and duty, Indian woman loses their charm if there is no one to compliment them. They forget about their beauty with time. Every woman in India wants someone to get attracted towards her and when they get it, they are surely on cloud nine. Let’s start complimenting each other and add new colors to our existence. Let’s have a meaningful and happy life.  It’s never too late though!

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Why She Rejected You On Your First Date And Never Called You Back?

Rejected lover

Internet is one of the craziest inventions of our times. There are many horror stories associated with online dating. The big gap between the expectations vs. reality is one of the main reasons for rejection. The impact of Internet for matchmaking is very high. The ability to hide your true self online makes you a super man in the virtual world but how good you are in real life is what matters most in the dating game. It's advisable not to make an idea of the person through their profile pictures because a photograph is only the brighter side of his/her personality and it's difficult to know him/her through those photographs alone.

Doing a background check is important for preventing future hassles and it's always good to keep yourself transparent if you are looking to meet a girl through Internet. Everyone in this world are looking for love and lust and their busy lives don't give them enough time to look for the right kind of partner hence the presence of Internet plays a major role in bringing those busy people together to start a new life. A date can't be bought like a pizza online. Finding the perfect match is extremely difficult because you look for various ingredients in your partner, which is not possible instantly. Getting  a perfect match online instantly is a myth for now because it's India and everyone is skeptical about the whole new online dating thing hence the presence of mutual friends can be a game changer. You would always like to date someone who is known to you and you know little bit about him/her. There's nothing like blind dates now as you can see each other before meeting. 

Rahul, a 30 year old engineer who met someone online recently got dumped after his first date. He met Sunaina on Facebook last month and after chatting with her almost for one month, they both decided meet up in some place near Connaught Place, New Delhi. Rahul and Sunaina were extremely comfortable with each other online, they used to talk over the phone but never seen each other physically. They both were staying in the same place but they couldn't gather courage to meet each other. After chatting for one month, Sunaina wanted Rahul to meet her. Rahul was excited as well as nervous because it's his first date. Rahul stays alone in Delhi and he is bit shy to talk to girls in real life but when he talks over the phone or chats, he performs like a rockstar. He can mesmerize any girl with his sweet voice and interesting conversations but when it comes to reality, he struggled to get a partner. Sunaina, however was a very practical and transparent girl. She was equally comfortable in real as well as virtual life. After a brief chat in the morning, they both decided to face each other around 6 PM. Rahul couldn't sit properly in his cubicle out of excitement and fear. Around 5 PM, Rahul left office to meet his Internet sweetheart Sunaina. She was waiting in front of McDonald's in CP. At 6.10, they both finally met. Rahul was very happy to see her but Sunaina was not talking to him properly. It was Rahul, who was doing all the talking. Sunaina is an independent girl who looked confident but she was not talking to Rahul properly. Is every all right? - Rahul asks. I have to go now - Sunaina hurriedly picks her handbag and leaves the place.

What went wrong? Rahul kept thinking and couldn't find the reason. Rahul tried to call her after she leaves but her phone was busy. That night Rahul couldn't sleep. In the morning, he tried to contact her through Facebook but couldn't find her anywhere. She blocked him on Facebook and other online profiles. Rahul in desperation, called her again but there was no response. That date completely destroyed Rahul's self esteem. There are many stories of rejection just like Rahul's, which can be utterly disturbing hence it's significant to show what you really are instead of creating an illusion of your image for your partner. She rejected Rahul because he was short; he was not that good looking too. He completely looked different in real life. Rahul may be a great guy but he tried to mislead Sunaina by bluffing about his height and looks. After one year, Rahul met her again on Facebook and saw her married to someone else. Rahul was much better looking than that guy but she dumped Rahul because he lied about his height. Rejection is no end to his life but it's always safe to showcase your true self while choosing a partner online. Not everyone will tell you the reason for leaving you. It can be different reasons for Sunaina leaving Rahul hence don’t brag about yourself online so much that your real image gets affected. It’s always safe to stay grounded.

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Friday, February 12, 2016

Why Women Hate You And Will Probably Never Date You?

Some guys aren't so lucky with women. Yes, the nice guy types, the needy types, the clingy types etc. etc. but what's wrong in being nice, often guys with the best behavior gets dumped by women. Understanding the science of attracting a woman is probably the most difficult task for an average man. How to make that first impact or impression? There are people around who will give you ideas to attract a girl of your dream but most of these ideas fail in real life. We all have a great expectations but the reality pinches you, when you see them falling apart. Why every woman you think as prospective date will never date you? Why they will keep you hanging without giving you a proper response to text messages? The answer is - they are not interested.

Making that first move is good but it's always advisable to follow the subtle hints before approaching a girl. There are no rules of attraction; you sometimes get attracted to someone without knowing the reason. There may be a subconscious element which helps in making the first impact very high. You don't have to try hard for making that first impact. You may just fail if you are trying it harder. Women are not interested in men who are not doers. They seek for practicality in a relationship no matter how emotional is your bonding. Being practical is good sometimes. Girls hate to date a guy who keeps telling about his achievements and blah blah. Nobody is interested in your biography unless and until you are Mark Zuckerberg or Steve Jobs. Modern dating is all about the perfect blend of love and lust; hence your physical appearance plays a major role in building a potential love relationship. Women like instant gratification, hence complimenting them with true words make them feel good. We have seen women dating not so attractive man in real life and often wondering about the element of attraction between them. Women generally don't look for any specific thing in a guy. They look for the overall packaging. Most of the thinking woman in India actually discards men who are mediocre. There's no room for ordinary existence, you have to be good at something to get the girl of your dream.

If you are not good looking at least be good in conversation, if you are not tall enough, at least try to be a good listener. You are destined to get friend zoned if you keep troubling her despite of her disinterest towards you. If a woman is interested, she will approach you directly. The modern dating scene is evolving every day, unlike good old days; women in India are now more open towards relationships. Most men meet success in the dating game because they know how to make that first impact. Knowingly or unknowingly, they somehow build a grand impression which becomes extremely difficult for the woman to forget. Those guys become their obsession. Breaking the touch barrier is important for getting out of that friend zone thing but it's always advisable to touch correctly. Women in India are very sensitive and they would definitely know the difference between good and bad touch. In order to make that lasting impact that won't make you look and sound like a douche bag, be yourself. There's nothing like that. Women in India are crazy for love just like men; it's only about creating that fantastic impact and you life changes forever!

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Thursday, February 11, 2016

Impact of Valentine's Day on Singles

Valentine's Day for Singles
Valentine's Day is probably the most dreaded day for Singles. They just want to skip this very day or hide somewhere in a cave to protect themselves from the PDA explosions taking place everywhere. From malls to restaurants, metro stations to abandoned forts, from Facebook to Instagram. There's open public display of affection. Valentine's day is considered to be the day for flaunting love however there are many people in this very own planet of ours still waiting or experiencing a breakup phase. For singles, Valentine's Day is like a funeral day. They keep gazing at computer screen or wait for someone to call them and wish but there's no missed call or whatsapp messages waiting in their inbox, which increases the paranoia. Facebook timelines get filled with check-ins, selfies and gifts. They keep liking and gazing and waiting and finally buys a bottle of wine from the nearest wine shop and celebrates V- day in gloom. It's not an easy day for singles however there's always a silver lining. Singles too have advantages which they may not realize.

There's nothing to be jealous or angry about others because nothing is permanent in life. Today you may be single and free but you may not stay like this forever. You are destined to get a suitable partner and get hitched hence it's your time to enjoy your space with full freedom. You are free to flirt with anyone without feeling that guilt which committed ones go through. Take Valentine's Day in the right spirit and instead of whining about not having someone special, go out and party with friends. This Valentine's day, just don't stare at your computer screen. The anti-Valentine's day club is much stronger and active during this day and they try to share jokes about the committed ones. The war between the singles and committed starts but in reality both these groups envy each other in some form or another.

The advent of Valentine's Day - the day of love is not only about loving your partner but also showing your love for the people you love hence the singles can go ahead and wish each and everyone without guilt. Enjoying singlehood is sometimes better. Being single gives you freedom to invest a lot of money on yourself. You have your own personal space and you don't have to worry about keeping your house clean. This Valentine's day, you may still doing your regular job but you should take out sometime to do that very thing that you love most and that can be anything. From listening to your favorite music to enjoying your favorite movie, you have the liberty and power.  It's advisable not to look at others and cry rather it's advisable to do something that others desire. Valentine's Day is just one day in the entire year that makes you feel the need to have a partner but if you take it as any other day, you won't suffer.

There are millions of singles around the world who will be feeling the same but there are those winners who actually make use of this day to do productive and entertaining that couples can't even think of. There are thousands of unmarried people doing extremely well in their life without ever complaining about their needs to find a partner hence being single this Valentine's Day is no big deal. Few options for singles for making their valentine's day special includes a nice therapy at a spa, attending a speed dating session, watching a horror movie, going for a single meet up party etc. Making use of this day in a positive way can make singles shine. It's only about a day and singles will do everything to make it memorable. This Valentine's day, do something that will make you happy rather than thinking about not having a valentine. I think it's perfectly fine to stay single and free.

Wish you a Happy Valentine's Day in advance!

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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Impact of Unrequited Love and the Birth of a Pickup Artist

Anonymous Pick Up Artist
He went for a solo ride on Valentine's Day. He was mocked by his friends for not having a girlfriend, he was traumatized by his relatives for not having a wife, he was tortured every day. Being single became a curse for him. He was often reminded about his single status among his friends group. The amount of loneliness in his galaxy was above any other average guy. He tried to hit the gym to get six pack abs, tried to join language classes to find his partner, went to weddings for getting a date but he failed miserably in all his attempts. His bought SLR and took up fashion photography but nothing really worked for him. Girls stayed miles away from him and the ones who are close, often friend zoned him. There was a rising frustration in his kingdom. He was unable to face the ruthless Facebook timeline on every Valentine's Day. The PDAs destroyed his self esteem; he became a shadow in the crowded subways and busy bistros. In search of love, he travelled miles but everyone used him like a toy. Whenever he approached a girl, he was either brozoned or friendzoned. Everyone took advantage of his singledom. 

He couldn't find out the reason for getting rejected. May be he was ugly as he was not sure how he looked. In most of his free times, he tried to improve himself but nothing worked for him as he could see all his friends moving ahead in the relationship game. He concentrated a lot in his career and got a good job but still no luck. Nothing really worked for him. Finally, his parents helped him to find a partner but unfortunately she also rejects him. The height of desperation increased so much that he even thought of leaving the country. Are you still single? The question started haunting him so badly that even dead people started mocking him. He was depressed and paranoid but never lost his hope of finding a partner. He started visiting brothels and watched adult videos to suppress his hunger. He started hating love and became a lust worshipper. He started taking part in underground communities to learn the art of seduction; he visited online dating sites for getting date and approached random girls in metro stations. He failed miserably in all his attempts.

The impact of rejection was so high in his life that he had not guts left to talk to any girl and then he met Joe - the self proclaimed dating couch and the most desired pick up artist. Joe motivated him and gave him quick lessons to attract a girl. He followed his footsteps and eureka - that's a match! His tips clicked, he found a girl who somehow said yes. After 3-4 dates, they made love but their relationship broke after few days. He tried again to woo someone much older than him and succeeded. Things became rosy for him as he started going on serial dates. Now Peter is a dating couch, yes his name is Peter. Peter is one of the successful pickup artists in India. But how Peter turned so desirable overnight? What's the secret potion he drank or what seduction lesson Joe gave him? Everyone wanted to know but Peter never disclosed them the secrets of his upheaval from a loser to a charmer. Today Peter is no more watching movies alone, he is no more running behind shadows. He is having partners, a lot of them. After Peter met Joe, Peter actually stopped trying hard. He started finding his true self, he started looking around the positivity, he stopped acting like someone else. He actually started living his own life. Peter was a good writer and he followed his dream. His book became a bestseller and now Peter is not lonely. He is having admirers and followers, and yes his partner cuddling him all night long. Peter is no pick-up artist but a fictional character born out of rejection and humiliation. 

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Monday, February 08, 2016

Impact of Butts Breaking The Internet

Kim Kardashian's Butt
Every men are crazy is about well rounded female butts. It's one of the greatest assets a woman can flaunt. The power of well shaped bottom is immense. Recently we have seen Kim Kardashian's extremely beautiful butt broke the Internet, which proves how crazy men are to take a glimpse of the most delightful thing on earth. A woman with toned and nicely shaped backside looks good in every outfit. It can be Indian wear or western outfit, a woman with butt needs no pretty face to attract man from any age group. It's a butt crazy world for sure because every time you see a girl with gorgeous backside, your heads automatically turn. It's very natural thing among men in India. A well toned butt makes you fantasize. It also enhances your foreplay sessions. Women in India are born with divine curves. Well, talking about Indian curves may sound vulgar but the fact is everyone in their dreams, want to date a girl who flaunts a beautifully crafted butt.

It's one of the most attractive features in woman’s body that men generally look for while choosing his or her prospective partner. Butt pictures are breaking the Internet because it's the most desired part of women's body that men want to see. Most women are hitting the gym, running in the neighborhood park, wearing tight jeans for accentuating their curves. They love to flaunt them in weddings, clubs and everywhere where men gather. Attaining a well toned butt is what woman craves for. Unlike yesteryears, things are changing for good. Woman in India know how to dress and that subtle fashion of revealing their assets with grace is what make them the most desirable creation on Earth.

Gone are the days of skinny tall models, it's time for curves and well rounded butts. Slim girls without curves look good in pictures but voluptuous women reside in the minds of Indian men. Some people may say it's those pair of eyes, some may say it's those long legs, some may say it's the purity of soul but the fact is, in the law of attraction the impact of butt is more than all other features of a woman's body and soul. I am not objectifying or trying to prove a point, I am just highlighting the deepest fantasies of Indian men. Gone are the days of cleavage fixation, it's only all about butts now. Different butt shapes include Square, Heart/Pear, Inverted and Round and it's the round half moon like butts and pear-shaped ones attract men the most. Heath wise, butt fat is harmless hence there's no reason girls for shedding them. If you are still at the age of selfie, you must be running late because new age men love bathroom belfie which meanwhile breaking Instagram and Tinder in a big way. These are only my observations; I hope you must be having your own perspective. Do let me know.

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Why Indian Men Like Older Women?

Man reading for an older woman
Older women are matured, well dressed and understanding compared to the mindless selfie generation. Unlike yesteryears, today's generation of men look for maturity and experience in a relationship. Younger girls don't attract the whims and fancies of a thinking men however with age comes that grace. Older women are independent, no-nonsense bunch of people who knows their priorities. Younger girls are less experienced in terms of building a relationship. Every girl is unique but age plays a major role in shaping her personality. Older girls with experience are more tolerable than the younger lot. They know how to tackle a situation with ease and are not dependent on others. They are decision makers and they perfected this art after years of experience.

Although the idea of younger girls looking better than the older ones is prevalent in the minds of everyone but beauty is not only about a pretty face. Beauty is something, which is a combination of good looks and maturity. There's no use of having a gorgeous face if you don't have a beautiful mind. Why Indian men like older women? The answer is very simple. Men by nature likes to me understood. The level of understanding a younger man and an older woman have is excellent. Things are changing for good and the man-made notions about dating are actually taking a U-turn. Unlike yesteryears, when every man wanted a virgin girl, the concept of attraction is simply changing. Now most men prefer to date an older woman who must be more experienced in every possible aspect of life.

Women hiding age, trying to look younger and hitting the gym for attracting men however it's not always the case with men. Few men hide their age because just like women, men also become much more attractive with passing year. Youth is a symbol of fertility and Adulthood signifies matured fertility. An older woman is much more attractive than a younger woman because with time they have maintained and groomed themselves so brilliantly that they often find their college pictures horrible.

The impact of older woman in Indian men surely is huge. Older woman may be dominating in some cases but they are always smooth and stable in most of the cases. The idea of dating an older woman is itself an excitement. You don't have to hide your imperfections to impress them. They are tolerant and they can easily see the potential in you. But there are always exceptions; some younger girls are matured enough in today's world. There are few girls that fall in that category, but if you find one, you should never let them go away from your life.

 Younger girls with brains are difficult to find. What I write can make no sense because I know many of you may find it hard to resist the fact that actually most men in India look for maturity in a relationship. Your partner may be the best looking girl in the world but if she doesn't understand you, there's no use of flaunting your trophy girlfriend or wife. Relationship is not about how presentable your partner is but how comfortable you are with your partner. The compatibility is the game changer and most men find a healthy compatibility with an older woman. The impact of urbanization and exposure to the vast library of knowledge through Internet is changing the mindset of everyone. Aging gracefully is what our generation is looking forward too. No matter how old or how young you are, you deserve to have fun. One shouldn't get distracted by age. You are human being hence you are destined to age. Instead of hiding age and grey hair, people should flaunt them with ease. 

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Friday, February 05, 2016

Dating a Blogger Friend

Dating a blogger

Indian BloggersBlogging, once considered to be an online diary is now a big time activity around the globe. People are now coming forward with newer ideas everyday through their blogs. The impact of personal blogs is tremendously increasing as most readers can connect with the writing of the author. Niche blogs are even doing better in terms of earning money but the emergence of arthouse blogging is something people are interested most. Blogs that produce offbeat content. They are ones who gets the most loyal fans and secret admirers. Blogging not only increases your online presence but also helps you find the right kind of partner you are looking for. Dating a blogger friend is like a crazy experience because you know them inside out through their write ups. A male blogger writing poetry can easily connect to another female blogger through blogs. Your blogs can act as the perfect cupid. You may never know, you may just get lucky by posting about broken relationship or your understanding about likes and dislikes of the opposite gender.

Bloggers are passionate bunch of people looking for appreciation and brickbats, and someone who reads your blog regularly can easily find out those flaws about your writing. The connection starts with your blog and ends up in your heart. Dating a blogger friend means too much of artsy talks and unpredictable moves that you might enjoy. There's nothing like meeting a blogger and finally spending quality time in some cozy corner of the world. People hang around in social networking platforms to find love but what about blogs? Still people are unaware about the power of writing and blogging and only the ones who knows the art takes away the trophy.

Your blog is your playground and you have the remote button to write about things you are passionate about. In order to shine amid the crowd, you have to write and think like a mad guy who is extremely sober after drinking. Your thoughts should pester you throughout your sleep; your ideas should jump and take shape easily. Unlike yesteryears, I started writing less poetry and more non-fiction because I felt my poems are too fake. I have lost the power of writing meaningful prose hence I took refuge of writing stuff that are real and adds value. The impact of blogging in my life is huge as it made me realize the power of written word. I started writing again after reading about Blog Fiction, which is a brand new genre of literally fiction and hence I am not wasting my time here. I found my niche, and I coined it arthouse blogging. So, if you are still not convinced that writing a blog can give you a date, you may be wrong because you write a blog for a reason and that reason can be anything. Till now I haven't felt that goose bumps, which I used to feel after completing my write ups but it's ok not to feel that sometimes.

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Thursday, February 04, 2016

The Valentine's Day Story!

Valentine's Day - The day when the colour of the sky turns red. The day dedicated to love, the day when you celebrate your relationship, you propose, you write love letters and buy gifts for your special someone. Valentine's Day is a beautiful occasion for lovers however there are lovelorn singles who feels completely lonely and disgusted on 14th Feb. For married couples, it's another day to celebrate and strengthen their bonds, for first time lovers, its heaven! Many love stories are born this day.

Valentine's Day is all about loving your soul mate deeply. As people say there's no particular day for love and you can express your feeling any day, which I completely agree but why not make our Valentine's Day memorable by visiting a special place somewhere away from the maddening crowd and spend some quality time with our soul mate. The world celebrates this day of love. Looking good during this day seems like a ritual for lovers. Wearing the best dress for this occasion enhances the power of attraction and smelling good makes your dates more engaging. Flowers, cards, candle light dinners, chocolates signifies the expression called love.

Amid the humdrum of busy city life and monotonous job, people find a date to celebrate love. There are many stories of broken relationships, during this day people usually remember the moments they spent with their ex partners, sometimes they smile remembering those moments but mostly it's full of pain. Valentine's Day not only refreshes your memories but also gives you day to start afresh. For singles, you needn't worry because you can celebrate this day with your friends as life seems to move on. For long distance lovers, Valentine's Day is a special day. There are no boundaries and distances in love. Your partner may be far from you but he/she can always be there with you over the phone. Mostly long distance lovers send cards, cakes and gifts to their partners. They share the exclusive unpacking selfies on Facebook and Instagram and chat live through Skype. Love is all about breaking boundaries and expressing your deepest desires to the person you admire.

Hotel rooms, restaurants, parks and abandoned forts become the safe refuge for lovers. College goers try to woo their crush by sending secret gifts. Uniqueness is key and most couples celebrate this day within their comfort zone and interests. It can be a movie, candle light dinner or a private moment in a hotel room, lovers surely know what to do and where to go during this day.  Create memories, spread love and celebrate Valentine’s Day in your own style. Let there be love everywhere, let the sky in your horizon turn red, let there be flowers and balloons in your corridor, let there be songs and poems floating around the galaxy, let's make this day memorable. Make this day a special one.

Impact of Online Dating on Indian Young Adult

Well! Online dating is the new playground for people who want to explore love and lust. The new age man/woman has very less time to attend weddings, festivals, family get-together unlike yesteryears hence the presence of Internet plays a very crucial role in finding the most suitable date for them. Finding a match, going on a date this Valentine’s Day may not be a problem for people who know the art of online dating. There are many such people on Earth who finds it difficult to interact with the opposite gender in real life while virtually they are extremely flamboyant. For them, online dating is a blessing.

They can easily choose the most suitable partner based on their profile pictures, preferences and other details already mentioned in their profiles. Facebook and Whatsapp for sure play a cupid. Unlike yesteryears, when online dating websites were touted as fake and unsafe, the rise of portals like and etc. gave singles a second chance to find a perfect date and potential companion. Life is easier now for people who are smart enough to get the best from dating sites including Facebook.

After the first round of finding someone online, generally people hesitate to meet his/her partner in real life until and unless they both remain transparent during their online conversation. So the first rule is - be true to your future date otherwise you can be in danger. Most people put their best display picture in social media profiles to attract others however it's advisable to put your real picture for making your online date successful. Online dating is very much mainstream activity nowadays because the new generation is so much busy exploring other stuff. They have very less time to attend functions or other social activities. According to a survey, Independent women prefer online dating sites over arranged marriages for finding their future partner.

Impact of online dating on Indian young adults is huge due to the presence of Internet. Everyone is busy chatting on Whatsapp or checking notifications on Facebook hence online dating is no alien phenomena. With every power, there comes a curse hence it’s advisable to make friends carefully in these platforms. Online dating is surely the next big thing. It’s addictive, it’s blissful and surely it adds a bit of joy in your monotonous life.

Online dating sites basically targets people who are single and searching but many such sites aren’t free. Paid sites actually arrange meets and do other stuff. In order to choose the best online dating site, you should do a background check by reading reviews about the site. There are many sites that try to dupe people by claiming unrealistic things. It’s always advisable to stay where your friends are. Facebook surely is the best place to find your soul mate. Life is full of opportunities and you never know, who is waiting for your smile this Valentine’s day, if you are single and ready to mingle, go ahead and find your date online. If you are already committed or married, take your partner out and if you want to stay solo, go do some bungee jumping!

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