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Plus Fashion - Why Plus Size Models Are Such A Craze Now?

The notion created by the Fashion industry to showcase tall and skinny models to showcase their brands is gradually getting over. The truth is OUT there in public. Men love Curves. The skinny models may look gorgeous on the cover page of a fashion magazine but in reality, men crave to see the rawness of female beauty that lies in the countryside turns.

Voluptuous women are the ones that stimulate the deepest fantasies of a man while the skinny types just look good on the cover of a fashion magazine. From Kim Kardashian to Ashley Graham, from Olivia Campbell to Bishamber Das, from Hayley Herms to Naomi Shimada, from Liris Crosse to Katie Knowles, from Melissa Henris to Natalie Nootenboom, this is the era of curvaceous and utterly stunning plus size models. You now don’t have to be tall and skinny to look beautiful. They are artificial ideas created by a society which is slowly fading away and nobody seems to complain as plus size models are relevant to our generation.

The Internet obviously plays a major role in the curve movement which is breaking the stereotypes. Plus Modelling is slowly getting momentum and we will be seeing lots of curves in a major Fashion show in future. The body positive activist community is incredibly supportive and thanks to the ever emerging Internet culture, plus women have so many admirers and supporters now.

Recently, Sports Illustrated magazine, used plus size models in their swimsuit catwalk show. Curvy models are seen parading down the ramp which was absolutely stunning. Body diversity is surely the next big trend in the fashion business and thanks to Instagram for helping newcomers to get noticed instantly.  There is a thin line between vulgarity and glorification of curves and most critics misunderstand this.

Finally, the dark ages of body positivity are getting over as more and more modelling agencies are hiring curvaceous models for their shows. Real beauty is all about the imperfections hence it's perfectly sexy to show off those stretch marks the next time you wear a bikini. We are living in the most interesting times as we have the luxury and access to compliment and appraise openly. We now have the full power to glorify the reality instead of faking our preferences openly just to stay relevant with the latest fashion tendency.

Image Credit: Bustle

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