Rejection Phobia - A Typical Male Syndrome

Blind dates, long distance affairs, telephonic relations, pen friends, childhood crushes and a typical male behind them all! Everyone is unique, every man is different. Yet, the fear of rejection always lurks like an inevitable shadow around an urban man. So, let’s find out more about this typical male syndrome.

Ex Girlfriends, Ghosts and That Secret Potion of Desire

Sweet melodies of yesteryears often soothe his soul. Confused past, hazy memoirs and long drives in his father’s old gypsy illuminates his apartment. The shadows of his ex girlfriends keep haunting him. Those larger than life greeting cards, those soft toys, those bracelets, those watches, those letters are locked inside his closet. Time changes, feelings evolve, old friends reunites. The air never remains the same.

How to Tweet Like Jim Morrison

Microblogging! The new addition to the content hungry universe is making everyone bit crazy. Some people are investing hefty sum of money to gain followers, some folks tweeting extra sensible quotes, some individuals trying to be little humorous, the celebrities gaining millions of followers overnight and some people are still dazed. They retweet, copy paste some old quotations, sometimes news and views and most of the times they just keep gazing at the time line without having any words to write.

Bedroom Story - What Indian Women Want In Bed?

Indian women are flawless, intelligent and wild in bed. They know the art of taming a wild stallion, they knows the magic of weaving a satisfying tale. Everyone is unique and every girl has their priorities.

Winter Loneliness - Why Loneliness is Ecstatic?

The music of David Gilmour (On an Island) is creating a dreamlike ambience; the loner is busy writing his chronicle in his studio apartment, he is capturing the ecstasy of being lonely in an overcrowded city. He is mutely inhaling the drifting joy and the lingering silence, he is growing from within, he is catching the stars, and he is alive…

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Monday, February 06, 2017

How Will Smart Contact Lenses Make You A Superhuman?

Image Credit: futureeyesla
Imagine creating a huge database of images and videos of your daily life, your regular interactions with people, colleagues, friends, and spouse without using a camera. A well-documented life where you can revisit every situation, every moment and every memory whenever you want. A constant recorder of your life's ebb and flow. Imagine seeing every glimpse of your achievement and joy recorded by your eyes except the moments spent during sleep when your eyes are closed. Sounds like a plot from a science fiction book where the superhero attains this power after a genetic mutation or a laboratory experiment.

Attaining superhuman powers is no more a thing of science fiction books and movies. The concept of Smart Contact Lens - Sony's new patent enables you to record and playback stuff you see in your real life. You not only live your life but also record it for the future. You will be able to preserve the moments of your life without carrying a camera. Smart Contact Lens bestows you with the ability to store the images captured by your eyes in an external device. The contact lenses act like tiny cameras that start recording whenever you want. The ability of the tiny cameras to recognize between deliberate blinking and natural blinking is what makes it a nerdy device.

The main source of power for these contact lenses to function comes from electromagnetic induction. The continuous process of enhancing human abilities not only creates many apprehensions but also lure us to decipher the unknown horizon. Imagine attending a lecture wearing these contact lenses, which will eventually increase your chances to do well in your exams. You are suddenly transformed into a whizz kid. Imagine the ability to show other what you see in real-time will make the whole experience so surreal. The ability to swap moments could surely make this device more interesting.

Contact lens with the ability to record is just a concept for now however in future these lenses will become a reality which will not only help people to analyze their mistakes and fix it but also help them to showcase their real-world experience to their friends and family however with such technology, privacy can always be an issue.

Wearing them in a movie theatre may be hazardous for the filmmaking industry as there will be chances of leakage and piracy.  Using these lenses can also be an intrusive task as you are trying to do something regularly that may obstruct the natural process of seeing. The continuous recording may also make you more conscious if you are documenting them for others. Wearable technology is utterly immersive hence it’s always advisable to know the pros and cons before using them.

Wearing those contact lenses where cameras are prohibited may cause a security issue. What if these lenses are hacked? Technology helps humanity to prosper but what if these inventions are misused. The future looks extremely snazzy at the moment where everything we just imagined becoming a reality. From augmented reality apps to digital immortality, from self-driving cars to levitating hover boards, from artificial meteor showers to invisible trains, from humanoids to mountain air supplying companies, we are witnessing almost every theory from science fiction books coming to life.  Enhanced vision is still in the production stage yet such ideas will open up many debates and discussions for the futurists. 

Sunday, February 05, 2017

Empty Spaces and Minimalism is the Future of Urban Homes and Offices

Vipp Shelter : by Vipp

The idea of living a life free from things that don't really matter in our everyday lives, discarding the junk from the spaces, practicing a life of passion is becoming the newest lifestyle trend. The increase of consumerism is leading to monotony hence people trying to break away from constant chaos to create a minimalistic world.

Rear Extension : by CATO creative

Less becoming More and the concept of living in empty spaces free from clutter is what a modern man wants. With the advent of technology, the concept of empty office spaces will soon become a reality. Maybe there will be no real people in a board meaning rather there will be virtual people created by hologram technology. There will be no desktops or telephones and disappearance of unused things from spaces will soon become a reality.

Minimalism will become the next big home decor trend. The idea of incorporating storage spaces and other essential features in the design is what modern homes will be doing. The thought of living in an empty space with minimal clutter is not only refreshing but also very propelling for your creativity to flourish. Unlike yesteryears, we now try to hide everything inside the walls to bring more clarity to our homes. An empty room with important things or a minimalistic home located on a hill top is what the exhausted modern men crave for.

Clapham Common Flat 2 : Scandinavian style bedroom by YAM Studios

Simplicity is the new dictum and in order to attain an aesthetically sound life, many people around the globe are considering minimalist design. Although it looks easier for your eyes, a minimalistic theme is hardest to design. From a dream penthouse to a mobile home, from a mansion to a studio apartment, from a bungalow to a chalet, minimalism has the ability to exude elegance and sophistication in any genre.

Toy-Box : Minimalist study/office by grupoarquitectura

Living in a simple house with aesthetically designed interiors is a refreshing experience. It's a liberating practice to work in empty spaces with very less distraction. Your surroundings influence the state of your mind and living in the simplest setting takes you away from the worldly disruptions. It's your most desired escape from the busy urban life. The future offices will have very fewer accessories and more spaces and trends like hiding the wires, bringing the outdoors in and disappearing cubicles are already incorporated by many. In future, almost everything will disappear and only those important things will stay that will consequently provide a more breathing and thinking space. Embracing minimalism is like going back to your past with very less manmade ornaments and more natural offerings.

Saturday, February 04, 2017

The Classified

1960: Location Maya, a thriving town in the far-east where everything seemed normal. There was a boy and people called him Italy because of his fairness. He was the youngest son of the family. He had three elder brothers and three elder sisters. He enjoyed playing football without shoes,he enjoyed riding in his family elephant, and he was an avid nature lover. 

Maya was a place where people experienced many hardships in the past. From earthquakes to floods, this place rose against all odds hence the people of this place are born modest. There was a time when Italy’s grandfather used to rule the town, he was the most well-read person in the whole settlement. Italy was his favorite. His grandfather wanted Italy to learn medicine so that he could heal the people of Maya from contagious diseases.

The initial years of Italy were fun. It’s mostly farming, playing and eating out with friends. He was the most pampered child but he never demanded anything from his parents. He always followed his elders and loved the younger ones. Italy grew up in the town, studied in the neighborhood school and topped every exam. Mathematics was his much-loved subject. After few years he touched 18 and he has to move to a different town called Harod for his higher studies. This was the first time he first moved out of his cocoon. He shifted to a hostel where he was cooking his own meals and studying simultaneously. His hostel was located near the institution. Time passed and Italy graduated from the best college but he couldn’t forget that night from his Harod days in the hostel when he and the others saw something that stayed with them forever in the form of a story.

2016: Location: Somewhere away from Maya   

It was a rainy night on a cold and windy evening, everyone in the family gathered together to have an extensive meal. Everyone knew that Italy has a story in his mind but he was unable to tell anyone because he always thought that the modern cohort would never believe this. After lots of persuasions, Italy finally started his tale about that night in the hostel in the town of Harod.

“Everyone was happy that day in the hostel. We won the football match against our rivals so we decided to arrange a feast.” - Italy said with excitement and the joy reflected prominently in his face.

“Those days were fun days; we were young and ready to explore anything. That night we wanted to celebrate our victory against the strongest team. Everything was ready and we started cooking. It was around 10:30 pm, when we hear a very loud sound; it was just like the sound of a blast. We were paranoid and moved inside the hostel for shelter. Everybody rushed to take a safe refuge. Suddenly, we saw fireballs coming from the sky with great speed, falling all over the place. It was a serial attack when hundreds of fireballs fell upon our hostel. For a moment we thought, this is going to be our last day.” Italy said with a smirk on his face.

“But nothing happened although there were fireballs all around. After few hours, there were no fire, no ashes, nothing actually got destroyed. Everything was in the perfect order as if nothing really happened. Only a tree was scalded and was lying dead. We were astonished to see such a wonder happening. As there were no media those days, we couldn’t spread the news. We couldn’t sleep the whole night and were thinking about those mysterious fireballs. With the first ray of light, we decided to tell this story to no one for preserving the sanctity and secrecy of the event. Only few us witnessed this mysterious event and we made a deal not to tell this story to anyone. But as time passed, we started experiencing things much more magical than that event.” – Italy checks his mobile, smiles and ends his story after a brief pause.

Italy’s story deeply fascinates me. I wonder what if those fireballs really existed and they only fell on places and people that deserved them. Why the fireballs actually made that loud noise before arriving? Are those real fireballs or some hallucinating vision of Italy and his friends? Remember they were completely ecstatic after that victory and were planning for a feast. What if the fireballs were some kind of signals to establish a connection with the humans? What if the story that Italy narrated was completely fake as there were no written records, what if he created a fictional tale to entertain us that night? What if that’s a form of a natural disaster, which is very rare in modern times? There are many unanswered questions, many undeciphered codes, many unknown dimensions for mankind but stories like these will always intrigue us.