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Why I Consider ‘World’ to be The Perfect Melting Pot of Different Philosophies, Emotions and Desires?

I know people who love to travel, I know people who love to write, I know people who never invest in experiences, and I know people who never invest on anything and I respect everyone’s philosophies. Being open minded made me appreciate everything – Good, bad and the so-called ugliness surrounding people’s lives in general.

People who travel a lot understands different culture while people who never travel may not understand your madness but that doesn’t mean he or she is judgmental, it’s only the lack of experience that makes them see the world from their eyes and it has a limited boundary. Travelling not only open ups your mind to embrace things that may not come as conventional, but it also gives you enough opportunities to learn, exchange and reminisce. It gives you enough stories to pass on to the younger generation. Travelling is fun, travelling gives you back those lost wings of desire. 

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Someone rightly said, never be a tourist, become a traveller hence I decided to explore places under my budget during my college days and I almost visited every part of India, Middle-East, and Spain. I tried to understand people from various communities and watched people reacting towards me. Most of them were nice but some people really became curious to know more about me since I looked different.

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Every journey was different from every place I visited had something special to offer. From Kashmir to Madrid, from Kaziranga to the deserts of Doha, from Barcelona to Mumbai, From Chennai to Bangalore, from Delhi to Shillong, every journey I took was full of happy remembrances. Travelling made me a lot wiser because now when I see people, I never judge them based on their color, language or dress. Travelling made me a multi-colored human being. My mind is open, my heart feels for the humanity and I have learned to appreciate diversity. I have learned the art of appreciating things no matter how different they look, sound or reciprocate. My mind is free from shackles as I knew I have many things to explore, many things to write, many stories to tell, many beauties to discover.

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I know critics who think travelling is a waste of time, I know people who are afraid to visit off-beat destinations, I know people who never grow old, I know people who meet new people, I know people who have spent their life on the wheels, I know people who never took an aeroplane. Travelling is the greatest luxury and only the blessed ones get the opportunity to travel the world in their lifetime.

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Traveling made me appreciate things which I have acquired in the form of memories, pictures, and stories, travelling took the restlessness away, travelling made me more human, travelling made me more matured. Now I could confidently stand in front of the mirror and appreciate my features as I have seen human beings in all forms. Now I could walk again like a king without any inhibitions. 

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