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What Makes ‘Ghoul’ an Unusually Intense Dystopian Horror Thriller?

After Sacred Games, the Indian Netflix scene is totally going crazy over the latest miniseries Ghoul. From direction to cinematography, from acting to dialogue delivery, Ghoul keeps you engaged throughout its three episodes. Ghoul is no less than a modern day masterpiece that deals with a contemporary subject and makes it utterly relatable. Although set in near future, this dystopian series is considered to be the most powerful Indian horror thriller of all-time for an intelligent audience.

The plot of Ghoul is a unique combination of modern-day crisis, supernatural powers which also serves as a metaphor and interesting futuristic visions of a fallen society ruled by the military. The absence of sunshine and the presence of too much artificial lights and continuous rains magnificently showcase the blackness of a society which is destroyed by greed and divisions.

Unlike other run-of-the-mill Indian movies, Ghoul sets itself apart with its exceptional storytelling and unthinkable plot twist. Netflix made Ghoul mainly to attract the already hooked science fiction and horror movie fans however it made it a point to reach a greater audience through its language. Most Netflix bingers in India prefer movies that are not Bollywood hence they needed something like Ghoul which is totally an International series with an Indian heart.

All the major characters like Radhika Apte (Nida Rahim), Manav Kaul (Colonel Dacunha), Mahesh Balraj (Ali Saeed) and Ratnabali Bhattacharjee (Lieutenant Laxmi Das) were brilliant throughout the series. Ghoul looks a bit slow in the beginning however it becomes extremely interesting from its second episode. Ghoul is a remarkable series that promises a sequel yet it feels complete towards its end. It’s definitely a must watch if you are on Netflix.



  1. Thank you for apprising the movie. Sounds promising and very good.

    1. You will love this miniseries for sure.