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Pallav Gogoi - Independent Researcher | Columnist | Blogger | Corporate Communication Officer

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Open-mindedness is not just a lame word. I practice it every day. Positivity is another word that keeps me going. I love to decipher the unknown, unexplored facets of life hence I write about Futurism, Science Fiction, Digital Culture and everything that involves deep thinking. What If stuff drives me crazy.

I am an avid DC fan, especially DC Cinematic Universe yet I do watch all Comic Book Movies. I love to spend my time binge-watching Sci-fi Series and Movies on Netflix, especially the post-apocalyptic genre.

Dejavu Blog is all about future trends, mind-blowing concepts, and reviews of apps, products, movies and everything in between. You can also find dark poems, which I stopped writing because nobody read poems nowadays.

Passionate about Digital Marketing, I Eat, Sleep and Breathe Internet. Recently I was interviewed by one of India's top Digital Marketing firms - Digital Vidya. You can read the full interview by clicking the link mentioned below.

For feedback, you can mail me at pallav.gogoi@gmail.com